Saturday, January 5, 2008


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
You look like a monkey, and you smell like one to!

Yesterday was indeed my birthday! I am closer to thirty than forty still. Rob gave me a lovely bouquet of roses AND took me out for a meal, sans children. I also received some Bath and Bodyworks gifts from Angel and itunes cards from Rob and the kids. My mother will have us for dinner and a cheesecake tomorrow. Tonight I just want to soak in my bubble bath with a glass of wine and savor another year of my life and that of my sweet J.T.

J.T. was born just 6 days after my birthday and will turn 7 this week. It actually snowed the day I went into labor with him.... a once in a decade happening for us. My water broke at the supermarket and Rob drove us (BELOW the speed limit "Won't do us any good to speed if we have a wreck) to the hospital where we waited 25 1/2 hours to meet J.T. He was, of course, the most beautiful hairless, wrinkled bit of humanity we had ever seen.

He has been delighting, inspiring, and exhausting us ever since. He walked early, never engaged in baby talk, and could speak multi-syllable words at 10 months. If you speak to him on the phone, you'd never know you were speaking to a child. He is empathetic, sometimes dramatic, logical and good at math. He hates reading (very surprising since Rob and I both LOVE to read), guessing games, and change. He gets upset if goes to school with bed head hair and wants to change immediately when his clothes get dirty. He has had close to 2 dozen ear infections and has to wear ear plugs when he swims. He says please and thank you and ma'am and sir (necessities for a child in the south) and is usually very well-behaved. We had his party today complete with a hayride (a country tradition) SpongeBob pinata and one injured child.

While it would make a great story if the medical crises had occured during the pinata festivities, he was not injured in a mad dash to beat the snot out of Mr. Squarepants. He was attempting to skateboard on a rolling cart and smacked his head on the concrete. Don't worry. He had an icepack and lives just up the hill, so was returned safely home. I will call momentarily to be sure he is indeed feeling okay.

Birthday party injuries are a tradition in my family. On the occasion of my 7th Birthday, one of my little friends was bitten by a neighbor's dog and required stitches. She returned to the party, stitched and bandaged, in time for cake and ice cream.

So we had a lovely weekend of birthday celebrations replete with loads of good food and good friends. The kids left with dizzying amounts of candy, already loaded up with cake, icecream and cheese puffs. A great time was had by all. Well. All but the one who went home with a big goose egg on his forehead.


Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday to you and JT. I'm glad you both had such a nice celebration, although maybe your neighbour's kid won't feel the same??

Ear infections are an absolute curse. 24 of them in just 7 years of life? You both deserve a medal.

bluemountainsmary said...

Happy Birthday and hugs to both of you.

And what is a rolling cart?

And did you have to say that you were closer to thirty than forty? Oh, that's right, you are the birthday girl and can say what you like.

I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to both celebrating members of your family!

Any danger of snow this year to mark the occasion of his 7th birthday?

M said...

A Hayride, a pinata and an injury? Sounds like a PROPER party to me. Happy Birthday Melinda and JT!

precious pink pumps said...

Happy birthday to you both!!! Wow, you are still closer to 30 huh? When I have a birthday later this month, I will be on the other side of the hump (i.e can no longer say I am early 30's, cannot say i am mid 30's...but not yet late 30's!!)....Lucio spent the first year of his life battling middle ear infections....i can diagnose them myself now. I hate having to go pay a doctor to confirm it and write me an illegible script.
I love the sound of a QUIET bath with wine...and I am typing this Aria is in the background, watching Dora yelling out (you know how Dora asks for participation) and is getting louder and louder....maybe just the wine will do? ENJOY!

Aunty Evil said...

She's not pushing 40, she is dragging 30 behind her!

Glad you had such fun celebrations. Don't worry about the kid who hurt himself, if he could walk home, he was fine. At least he didn't bleed all over the party hats. That would have been most annoying.

de vliegende koe said...

Happy Birthday to you and your son JT! CLoser to thirty... sounds sooo young!

Melinda said...

Our rolling cart is intended for the garden. It has wheels but is the size of a step stool. It has a seat on it. In theory, you can sit on it instead of bending over (and hurting your back) while you work in the garden. The kid in questions is a bit of a daredevil. Thank you for the kind birthday wishes. My mother had a chocolate cheesecake for me today. Note I sad "had" and note made. We love her, but a master chef she's not.

Fairlie said...

Happy birthday to you both! In my experience it's not a real birthday party unless a) the birthday child cries or b) someone gets injured. Or even both.

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