Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ask me what I like about me.

I would have to think about it.

Ask me what I don't like about me.

The answers trip over themselves to get out of my mouth.

My body. My teeth. My distractability and lack of organization. No creative talents like crafting, sewing, quilting, photographing, painting, dancing, etc. My wobbly triceps and the width of my hips and thighs. It would be very fair to say that I spend more time cataloguing what I'd like to change than appreciating what I am. Literally standing in front of the mirror finding fault!

I've decided it's time to look at me. Really look at me and see me, beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful me. Not "needs to be improved" me.

I love my hands. Long fingers with nicely shaped nails that wear polish well and are just the right span to fit an octave on the keyboard of a piano.

The smoocher on this face is pretty hot. Not too thin, not too fat, looks great all glossed up.

My eyes are a lovely hazel color that turn green when I wear green and brown when I wear red. They have a nice gold ring right around the pupil.

My figure is quite feminine. Round in more places than not, but I'm learning to accentuate those girly bits with a nicely fitted dress, a great pair of shoes and some cool accessories.

Fairness, improving the world, justice, equality, friendship, love: I am passionate about the things I care about.

I have a strong work ethic and love figuring things out. I never made a C in college.

Need a birthday cake? I make a delicious cream cheese cake with caramel or chocolate icing. My cooking is fairly simple, but I like to do it and while it's not gourmet, it is usually pretty tasty.

Reading is a life long love and my bedside table usually has a stack on it. Not always anything deep (mostly brain candy) but it counts!

I'm a good listener and rarely meet someone with whom I can't strike up a conversation.

My kids are always at school on time, with lunch in hand and homework completed. They are happy, healthy and confident. I count that as good parenting.

I feel very embarrassed and self-conscious posting this. Isn't that a little sad? That I find it much easier to discuss improvable me than lovely me? Have you looked at yourself lately? Were you looking for the bad or rediscovering the good?


Aunty Evil said...

I think this is a wonderful post!

Like you, I would squirm having to write about the things I like about myself, it's too easy to be hard on me than like me.

You forgot to mention that your blog is funny and interesting to read, so that makes you a talented writer as well!

You have a loyal following (and I am rather a picky person, so the fact that I like you should stand pretty high up your achievements ladder) so that must tell you something.

And lastly, you know what an octave on the keyboard of a piano actually IS. That makes you better than me any day!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Love this post Melinda! I don't really know you per se but I would've guessed more than half of those things you wrote about yourself.

I did this last week for the Extreme Makeover: Me Edition and hesitated 3x before publishing. Then went back after it was already "out there" and edited it a bit and deleted things. I felt a bit like I was bragging but I don't feel that way about this post.

We should be proud of ourselves for our good qualities. It makes us strong women. Funny, I don't think I mentioned that last week but that should've been the first thing I wrote about. I am a strong woman. It's one of my proudest qualities.

Again, I love your writing style!! Well done.

Much love from NJ,

Fairlie said...

Hooray for this post!

It's so much easier to focus on what we think is bad about ourselves than what is good.

You can add to your list, that you're honest and you're likeable!

Love it.

Stomper Girl said...

Gorgeous post Melinda. I've never met you in person but I know all those qualities you list are true and reasons to love you. I would like to have beautiful hands, mine are freckly and wrinkly with semi-bitten nails. Although I can do the octave thing too.

Anonymous said...

It's the you that your husband and children see that tells so much more about you.

I'm certain they could create a very looong list to add to the one you have begun.

crafty said...

You are totally gorgeous Melinda.

And getting the kids to school on time all the time is AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

You really are so strong, and I am often in awe of your self. I guess there are so many thing we each don;t like about our selves. The Melinda I read is pretty awe inspiring, and rather a dish to look at too.

M said...

Good on you! Great post! You are fabulous!!!

Rob said...

I like your boobs....and your butt....and the way that you....

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