Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chaos Theory

Chaotic behavior is observed by scientists in their studies of electrical circuits, chemical reactions, weather patterns, etc. Our house tends toward chaos too.

Abby's room, for example, is a mish mash of Mr. Potato Head parts, flash cards, doll clothes, hair bows, lip glosses with no caps, markers with no caps, books, and dress up outfits.

J.T.'s room is slightly more organized. The little action figures and their paraphanelia are grouped by theme, ongoing game, etc. The clothes I ask him to put away are rarely where they belong, though. Socks mingling with bathing suits, underwear stuffed in with the shorts and so on.

The kitchen counter is a mixing pot of homework papers, notes from school, receipts, junk mail, book bags, lunch boxes and cookbooks. Underneath, shoes are scattered about with abandoned toys.

The dining room table is playing host to mateless socks, clothes that the kids have outgrown, dish towels that never find their way to the drawer by the sink.

More toys (beginning to think we have too many) are on the couch, the floor, the bookshelves in the den and despite a ban on eating in there, cracker crumbs seem to have taken up permanent residence.

You know, I wouldn't mind a more ordered universe. Especially at home.


Rob said...

Physician, Heal Thyself.

Even I'm not as neat and orderly at home as I would like.

I wonder where the "don't put the cap back on" gene came from?


rhubarbwhine said...

Good luck with that. let me know how you get on, I could use the tips....

Stomper Girl said...

Sweeties, you should see our house! I am too scared of the chaos to start the clean-up, if you know what I mean.

peppermintpatcher said...

I am really good at pushing stuff along the floor with the side of my foot into the spare room and closing the door just before you come to visit. (you will give me at least three hours notice before you get here, won't you?)

Mary said...

Markers without caps?

Completely dements me.

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