Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been watching the news about the nutjob who decided it would be great to go for in vitro and implant not one or two embryos, but EIGHT, despite the fact that she already had 6 children and was living with her parents. Not only was she apparently unconcerned about her health, the health of her children (8 babies in one uterus?) or her financial situation... NOW she's shopping her story around to publishers. You really, really should have to pass an intelligence test in order to be allowed to procreate.

Me: "So Rob. You wanna go for octuplets?"

Rob: (silence) and an evil look.

Me: "Septuplets?"

Rob: (more silene) and a more evil look.

Me: "Sextuplets? Quintuplets? Quadruplets?"

Rob: (more silence) and eyes that are no longer visible behind the most evil look of all.

Rob: "How about shut-uplets?"


Michelly said...

This situation disgusts me on so many fronts. I really wish that not one media outlet would pay her a dime for her messed up story. But if they don't then state and federal governments will have to foot the bill. Better yet how about the clinic that facilitated this situation pay to raise these children. Melinda, I could go on for days.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

He is funny your Rob - somehow I am going to have to work that word into conversation....

People are weird.

Aunty Evil said...

Ha ha, good ole Rob.

I am astonished that the IVF people were so irresponsible though. Why would they put that many embryos back in in the first place?

My experience is that they will only put in 2 max if you are over 35, 3 if younger. They take into consideration your age, your health and your ability to look after that many.

I have never met anybody who is capable of looking after 8 at one time, let alone having another 6 at home!

Unless you are a cat.

I do feel sorry for the babies though. Their lives are going to be part of an ongoing circus.

Melinda said...

Aunty, I agree! The system failed to protect the most vulnerable people in this... the children. Since she already had 6 children, she should not have been allowed to implant 8 embryos. That is unhealthy for everyone involved and shockingly irresponsible.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Rob is funny!

The situation is so unfair to the children and it turns my stomach that she could have that many children when so many others can't be parents and should be.

M said...

Like Aunty Evil says I didn't think they put more than two embryos in at a time anymore...?

Love the shutuplet.

I think shutuplets is what you have when you don't want any more children.

Or perhaps vasectomyuplets.

Okay, so now I'm getting weird. Must stop.

Stomper Girl said...

Yes, I think that woman will raise 14 VERY well-balanced children. Not. Shut-uplets could be the title page of the magazine article celebrating the octo's first birthday, it would work well with a pic of them all crying at once.

Someone I know had a last throw of the dice on IVF when she was late 40s. She wouldn't actually admit to how many embryos were implanted but told us we would have been shocked if we knew. She ended up with lovely twin girls.

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