Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Blurghs

I had just been mentally congratulating our family on avoiding the annual visit of the stomach flu, so of course Abby came home Monday and promptly deposited her afternoon snack on the driveway. 36 hours later her brother made it all the way to school before looking up at Dad and saying: "My stomach hurts." They turned around and came back home. Where he promptly repeated his sister's Monday afternoon experience.

Our poor washing machine has been running constantly and the bathroom has been bleached three times. So far, Rob and I have managed to avoid the blurghs. Which is a good thing as they reduce me to a tearful, wailing, "I want my motherrrrr" bit of uselessness.

J.T. spent two days at home and was shocked and dismayed to learn that Rob picked up his homework assignments on Thursday and he had to do homework on a sick day. He felt well enough to play legos, action figures and read comic books all day, but the sight of a stack of homework sheets brought the queasiness back. Funny, tax forms make me nauseous too!


Blue Mountains Mary said...

You know how much tummy upsets bother me.

As does housework in my case.

Anonymous said...

Selective sickness? That is a smart boy!

Aunty Evil said...

You shouldn't have to do yukky stuff when you're sick.

I'm with him. Fun stuff all the way!

M said...

Homework sheets make me queasy too. Lego is much more educational anyway.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

My first thought after reading your post was that Abby got sick on the driveway. I would've been excited that it didn't happen in the car or house. One less time to worry about cleaning it up with anything other than a garden hose.

Hope everyone is feeling better. I also hope that you and your hubby don't get it.

Much love from NJ,

Stomper Girl said...

Yuck. Hope all the vomiting is over.

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