Friday, August 1, 2008

A Conundrum

J.T. starts 2nd grade on Monday. His 4th year of school. How on earth did those first few years speed by so quickly?

Lately, he's been sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night. Worming his way up, under the covers, to lie between Mommy and Daddy. I usually notice the invader when one of his incredibly long feet end up in my stomach, or twined around one of my legs.

I know I should send him back to his bed. We would all sleep better. But his face is losing it's baby fat. His head is rising ever higher when he stands next to me. Fewer baby teeth are wriggling their way loose. He can swim in the deep end. Soon he won't need a snuggle. Shouldn't I make the most of each one?

I took this picture the first day of school last year. Love how his new shoes are glowing.


Stomper Girl said...

You've got to do what feels right for you. I can't sleep with a child in the bed but I'm like you, trying to store up as many of the cuddles as I can.

He's so cute all zonked out on the couch.

M said...

If PL sneaks into our (king-sized) bed in the middle of the night he's so still and quiet that we don't even realise until morning.

However, on Thursday night (his birthday eve) he was sooooo excited he crawled in in the early am and announced the time every hour: "It's 5 to 2am! Can I open my presents now? It's 5 minutes to 4am! can I open my presents now?". No sleep for anyone that night.

Melinda said...

Stomper he's the king of "just five more minutes.... I'm sooooooo sleepy Mom."

M - one of those moments you'll cherish later, but wanted nothing but to sleep, uninterrupted at the time, I imagine.

bluemountainsmary said...

I have taken recently to allowing the little ones a night each with me when J is in town.

Pure sweetness.

Fairlie said...

Blue Mountains Mary - I have happy memories of my Mum doing the same whenever my dad was out of town, so I sometimes let one or other of girls sleep in my bed if The Poolboy is away.

Melinda - enjoy those snuggles. Absolutely make the most of each one!

Precious Pink Pumps said...

I so relate to this. Lucio comes in to our bed EVERY night. Alex hates it, says he cannot sleep well. I love it. I love the way he snuggles, talks in his sleep and whispers, "I love you mummy" as he's falling asleep in my arms. Soon they will be MEN and they might move out of home! I say enjoy it. I think we are growing a couple of great boys to one day, be great men.

Shayne Hope said...

You have got the same lounge as me!

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