Friday, June 17, 2011


Children and reason go together like chocolate and pickles or sharks and seals.

Why do I have to go to bed? Because it’s late! Because it’s past your bedtime! Because you’re cranky! Because I’m cranky!

Why does he get to go first? Because somebody had to do it and you can’t BOTH go first! Because it’s his turn!

Why can’t I wear the sparkly shoes to town? Because we’ll be doing lots of walking and they will hurt your feet. Because I they don’t stay on!

Why do I have to brush my teeth? So you don’t get a cavity! So no one has to smell your stinky breath! So your teeth don’t fall out!

Why do I have to brush my hair? Because it looks like rats nested in it! Because it’s rude to go out in public without bothering to comb your hair!

Why can’t I get in the pool by myself? Because you might drown! Because I can’t hear you if you get into trouble! Because it is the rule!

Why can’t I sit up front? Because it isn’t safe! Because it’s the law! Because you aren’t tall enough!

Why are you yelling? Why?! Why?!


Aunty Evil said...

I always remember a t-shirt my best friend had years ago. "Because I'm the mum, that's why!"

Kind of sums it up really.

Stomper Girl said...

My stock standard response to dumb questions along the lines of why do I have to go to bed! is Because I said so! I seem to remember that was my Mum's usual response too.

Cell Block said...

You mean to say that you gave birth to a stubborn, argumentative, always has to be right girl? Shocking.

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