Saturday, June 4, 2011

How long HAS it been?

So long I almost forgot my login/password!! Insert sad face. A picture of the kids in case you can't remember what they look like. J.T. is as tall as my chin now!

This also could have been titled: "Drowning, not waving!"

Every year, the transition period that is the last month of school and the beginning of Summer, sneaks up on me with all its busyness and running around. Dance recitals, year end productions, Honors Night, shifting from school schedules to break schedules, getting ready for vacations (or staycations in our case), purchasing and putting up the pool, the anniversary trip to Savannah (nicely organized by the darling Rob), graduations, airport drop-offs, watering instructions for Mrs. Gail's flowers (really... we should just rename it a botanical garden) while they were away, launching one of those boot camp workouts that has hour long workouts six days a week..... blergh! To-do list too long for hours in the day. As usual.

Mary sent LOVELY photographs and I'm just now getting around to posting about it. Loads of guilt over that. As you can imagine, or if you already own some of her work, you know that seeing those images on a screen and actually holding them in your hand are two very different things! I've picked this one to frame and put in my room upstairs. It is absolutely perfect for the quiet, peaceful ambiance I want to create in that space. The space I have yet to be able to utilize! Soon, I hope, soon. Maybe getting that photo framed will inspire me to fully claim the space and spend time in it. Alone!

Her creativity stuns me! The ability to just frame something and tweak it and instinctively KNOW that it is the shot you want. Did I mention stunning?

I'm off to have a bath, pour a glass of wine (Shhhhh! Don't tell workout guru that I'm cheating on the eating plan... like the bowl of ice cream I had at 4 p.m. didn't already break a rule or four) and watch "The King's Speech" with Rob. Hello Colin Firth!

The glass of wine has to be partaken of tonight you see. Abby informed me after watching the pool safety video that I can't swim in the pool because I drink. I rolled my eyes and told her that you shouldn't swim after having a drink, but having a drink doesn't mean you can't EVER go swimming! Rob laughed at me and told me that she'll probably tell all the kids that her Mom drinks. Which sounds awful doesn't it? "My Mom drinks." Instant mental picture of some bag lady knocking back shots out of a paper bag.

Too busy to even pop the cork, much less pour a glass OR drink it straight out of the paper bag!


Mary said...

I don't think any of us post as often anymore - I am not sure why we were able to post so often two or three years ago..but now it seems so improbably that we were posting almost daily!

So glad you like the photos! Even more glad they got there safely - it felt so exotic writing out your address!


Fairlie said...

I could have written much of this post myself! (Except the summer bits!)

You and I both bootcamping at the same time (and both breaking the wine rule!!)

Lovely to have a catch-up post.

And Mary's photos? Stunning.

Stomper Girl said...

Argh! You reminded me I have a beautiful Mary Canning original which really really needs a lovely frame round it and a piece of wall to hang from. And while I'm at it the kids have their new school photos just lying around too!

Kids are looking good! And tall! Very tall.

Cell Block said...

Slacker....Melinda I mean, not you Stomper....although it has been a while and you still haven't framed that picture. ;-)

"FRICKM"....not as bad as it sounds.

Aunty Evil said...

Nice looking kids, they must be throw backs. {insert smiley}

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