Monday, November 1, 2010

Status Update

Did you know that having streptococcus invade your throat is a really, really painful experience? That it could take an adult female out of commission for THREE DAYS? That swallowing could threaten to bring you to your knees and dry mouth make you consume your body weight in water in 48 hours... while your mouth remained dry? Did you know that you would be in such agony that someone would have to drive you to the doctor, help you in and out of the car and that you wouldn't care that you had no makeup on and hadn't combed your hair? Did you know that you would beg your beloved to amputate your throat?

Now you know.

I had planned to blog about J.T.'s Halloween concert and Abby's newly learned skill of crying on demand. But I felt it most important to get this important health bulletin out. Wash your hands... stay far away from your germy children, disinfect everything. You do NOT want to get this.


Mary said...

Not wimpy sick.

Sounds like you were really sick.

Female sick.

As in...really sick.

Hugs and ice-cream being sent your way.

Fairlie said...

That sounds shocking.

I used to get bad I have an idea what it may be like. You have my extreme sympathy.

Hope you're starting to recover?

Cell Block said...

You've definitely had a rough weekend. I would've taken it on myself if there had been a way.

Aunty Evil said...

Ugh, and there is no avoiding it when it is your throat, it is in constant use, all that swallowing all the time.

Hope you are better!

Stomper Girl said...

Poor love, that sounds ghastly! It's so mean when kids make their parents ill, after all we do for them.

Danielle said...

Sounds wicked. Ugly. Yuck. Poor thing.

Hope you are feeling better.


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