Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photo Diary

Fair Week Parade

Tacky Day

Halloween Costumes

The Fair


Stomper Girl said...

How cute is that parade shot!!!!

Mary said...

The bliss of these glimpses into your world and your children's.

Er ..is that apostrophe in the right place?

Aunty Evil said...

Ummm...Rob kind of takes Halloween seriously...doesn't he? :)

I am chuckling here.

She does look very cute in that parade photo though, Stomper is totally right about that!

Melinda said...

saIt's his favorite holiday Aunty.

Anonymous said...

I just see lots of happiness.

Fairlie said...

Your tacky day looks like everyday around here!

I like to see grown-men take their Halloween seriously.

(did you see the Halloween episode of modern family? I loved how Halloween had become claire's only holiday)

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