Sunday, November 14, 2010

November? Really??

Oy vey. We've been busy.

Parades, The Kiwanis Fair, Tacky Day, guitar recital, dance lessons, school, homework, family portrait session... and we're only halfway through November! 36 days until Santa!! 101 things to get done, places to be, gifts to wrap..... oh my. Taking a deep breath now.

I have photos to share of what we've been up to.... but blogger is not cooperating and won't let me load photos much less video.

But I'm still here! Still breathing (despite the strep near death experience) and thinking of fascinating blog posts to write that stay stuck in my head and get nowhere close to cyberspace.


Aunty Evil said...

Are you still dragging the chain on Christmas? Did you learn NOTHING from last year? Or the year before? Sigh.

Anyway, glad to know you are alive and kicking! :)

Stomper Girl said...

Oh my goodness, thank goodness Aunty isn't blogging if she is going to tell us about how she finished her Christmas shopping in August or something frightening. Don't worry, I have not started, not even a list yet. ANd hello you, Miss Melinda. I was wondering where you were. Apart form on Facebook, obvs.

Cell Block said...

Perhaps a little less time obsessing over a certain football team with a certain football coach....I'm just saying.

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