Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pause Button Please!

I'd like to temporarily slow things down. Let the world stop spinning while I take a deep breath, have a spot of tea and a cookie... and exhale. Make that a glass of wine and entire box of cookies please.

We survived the graduation turned engagement party. My niece's boyfriend proposed with a rubber duck ring. Long story, but the entire proposal (which he bravely pulled off in front of 40 of their nearest and dearest family and friends) suited them. He was a music major and she just got a degree in German and Cultural Anthropology. They will need to take a Rob boot-camp course on organization and spread sheets as this is NOT a case of opposites attract.

I finished the painting. My mother tells me that next time I should hire a painter. Which I
think isn't an indictment of my brush/roller skills. Maybe. The ADD and the painting... not a good combination. I rolled a while over here and got bored with the long wall, switched to the short one. Spotted a bare spot over the doorway.... eh. That could explain the drips on the baseboard, the speckles on the back of the computer, the little runs of paint in the corners and the odd smear of Nantucket Gray (it's actually green-oh so jealous aren't we Aunty Evil)on the door frames. It did clean up well. Mostly.

The Wedding Shower was lovely. Perfect weather. Great family. Delicious food. One kid who "accidentally" slipped and just happened, HAPPENED to land in the pool. Of course it would be MY kid and he would then proceed to apply wet lower half to dirt to create a nice muddy coating all over his pants, feet and hands.

The cleaning lady came. Oh lovely, sweet cleaning lady. Which did give me a moment for a sip of Aussie tea and a nibble of Tim Tam at the end of the day.

The Tim Tams and tea, by the way, are MUCH more delectable than the Vegemite. Is it an acquired taste? I followed the instructions to the letter. Spread thin over buttered toast... but.... meh. I will try it again. Visitors here say that boiled peanuts are slimy and gross too. But we think they are delicious.

It really is the simple things in life that make it all worthwhile, yes?


Stomper Girl said...

Okay I will let you into a secret: tim-tams are MUCH nicer than vegemite. Chocolate always wins.

Next time I would suggest quite a lot of butter, and use good butter not margarine. Also, put the butter on the hot toast the second you get it out of the toaster so it is properly melty and then dab the vegemite, be miserly a little goes a long way. Best eaten with a hot cup of tea.

M said...

Okay, that's it. I'm coming over to convert you to vegemite. Thick sourdough bread. Locate some of that first. The dense chewy kind.

Mind you, hard to go past a Tim Tam. Drool.

Fairlie said...
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Fairlie said...

SAO biscuits. That's the solution. Forget the toast, and apply *good* (Stomper's right) butter to SAO biscuits, then a thin scrape of Vegemite.

You probably have no idea what SAO biscuits are either.

Anonymous said...

Vegemite is also lovely with a cheese slice on top - the kind of cheese slice which is made a plastic and wrapped individually. (and is yellow - none of your orange cheese!)

Oh the pool and muddy pants made me laugh - sorry. It's only funny because it was not happening to me...

Michelle said...

Give the vegemite another go you might be converted. Mind you i only gave your boiled peanuts one try and will never ever be converted...they are yuk!!

We too had a pool like yours with a lean - it stayed up for 3 years not a problem!!

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