Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello Vacation!

Could it be that these little babies are already big school kids?!

Today was the first day of summer vacation for the kids. J.T. earned a medal at Honors Night on Thursday for making A/B honor roll every term. He slept with the medal in his hand. Abby got a tag for knowing all of her sight words. We celebrated their hard work (I have read that it is important to remind your children that hard work earns good grades, not something so vague as 'smart') and Ma Ma's birthday with dinner out.

What kind of mother-in-law do I have? The kind who chose pizza for her birthday dinner because she knew the kids would prefer it to a real sit-down restaurant that offered something so exotic as vegetables and salads. We refused however, and insisted on taking her somewhere that requires silverware. My father-in-law, of beer and liquor preference ordered a mojito. The look on his face when it arrived with mint leaves and a sliver of sugar cane... if only they had added a little umbrella. I told him he should have just ordered the beer.

I have this week off, so we have made big plans: Splash in the Boro with the cousins, a trip to the library tomorrow, grocery shopping (usually Rob's domain), an UNO tournament, yard work (oh the weeds!), car cleanout (it really is a rolling dumpster) and hopefully, sleeping late everyday! Abby let me sleep until almost nine this morning... before she woke me by blowing on my eyes and pointing out that if I would only look at the window I would see that it was day and not night. "Wake up Mom!" A call to action that was followed by a demand, er, request for chocolate milk.

As we were puttering about, I overheard them say my favorite words: "Let's pretend..."

Yes... let's.


Fairlie said...

I'm playing "Let's pretend it's theh first day of summer and long school holidays are just around the corner.." instead of our reality which is: it is the first day of winter and we are still three weeks off a short school holiday...and an eternity until our summer ones!!

Have a lovely summer vacation - sounds like you have some great plans.

Fairlie said...

Oh...and well done to both Abby and JT for the results of all their hard work.

Stomper Girl said...

Well done your hard-working children! So cute that JT slept with the medal.

Aunty Evil said...

Yeah yeah, good and all that, but should UNO be preceded with "an"?

I don't know how you southerners say it, but we here, who are even more southerly than you, say Yoono. Which, by my reckoning, means it should be "a Uno tournament" not "an Uno" tournament.

I'll just sit back now and let the battle begin...

Melinda said...

Aunty we say Ooooono. So for us it is an "an" before the U. Yoooono would sound better with an A of course. No wonder my boy finds grammar so confusing... too many gray areas.

M said...

Well done on all the hard work JT and Abby!

It's hard to imagine you all on summer vacation when winter has hit here with a vengeance! By vengeance I mean rain. I can't pretend it's particularly cold or anything.

Anonymous said...

I am with Fairlie. "Let's pretend Winter will be gone in a flash and we will shortly be on summer holidays..." I'll go without the eye blowing through, thanks :)

(Yoooono here too)

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