Tuesday, May 4, 2010


How does one manage to get paint under the drop cloth and not on it?

If your nine year old were to drop a four letter word into playdate conversation, does it have to be in front of the child with the judgmental parent?

What are the odds of Abby using her orange ear plugs to attach a "calendar" to her wall, just hours after the paint is dry? What are the odds that the ear plugs have an oily component and leave a lovely greasy mark on a freshly painted wall?

Did you ever snort laugh when your daughter, when asked about her dream job, responds: "I wanna work at Burger King when I grow up!" ?

Is dressing room lighting the WORST lighting on the planet, or do I really look like that?

Why did the romper come back in style? I get it for the small people. But on the grown women.... not so much.

Do you know the proper way to eat Vegemite? I got instructions with mine!


Melinda said...

I'm sorry for the head lean! I tried rotating it ninety degrees, but it does 180 instead. It is a normal straight on view in the file. Stupid blogger.

Darth said...

Actually it was a "chair to keyboard interface" error. I fixed it for you. It is known.

Stomper Girl said...

Have ya tried the vegemite yet, have ya, have ya?!

M said...

Remember, spread it thinly...the Vegemite that is. Best on hot buttered toast - lovely thick sourdough.

Aunty Evil said...

Take a really big scoop of Vegemite on your knife and spread it REALLY REALLY THICK. It is best that way...

Best regards, Aunty EVILLLLLLLL

peppermintpatcher said...

I make a vegemite sandwich for Pip to take to school for lunch every single day - every single day. Multiply that by the 12 years he has had of formal schooling and that is a whole lot of vegemite.

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