Monday, July 6, 2009

Well HELLO there!

I'm back! I'm sure all ten of my readers missed me. We're hanging in the land of blah. Nothing exciting going on. Just muddling through the heat, kids activities here and there, trying to stay on top of the weedy garden, and the yard work. Did I mention muddling through the heat? My love/hate relationship with Summer continues. I hate the hot of summer. I hate the cold of our two week winter. A nice light sweater day is heaven. Wish it was that perfect temperature every day. On with the Meme... Stolen from here, from which it was stolen from Cathy Zielske.


Outside my window... Overcast morning skies have given way to sunshine. I would have preferred the overcast to stay... and bring some rain with it!

I am thinking... about my boy. He's spending an entire week with Grandma Pat and Poppy and 5 of his cousins. I miss him already.

I am thankful for... air conditioning. Can't imagine life in this heat without it. Even though I grew up without AC... I have no desire to ever live without it again. Ever.

From the kitchen... Fried okra, fresh from the garden! Grew it myself and quite proud of it.

I am wearing... pink/brown/white print sundress and brown sandals.

I am creating... checks! First of the month bill paying time.

I am going... to the eye doctor this afternoon. I keep getting some kind of funky build-up right in the center of my contacts, lending a fuzzy, out-of-focus quality to my vision.

I am reading... nothing. Must get to the library/book store ASAP. I want to get my hands on...

I am hoping... that Angel and I can do a girl lunch this month! I need some girl chat.

I am hearing... the drip of the faucet.

Around the house... things are a mess. Rob is the organized one while the rest of us could set records with the speed of our mess-making. Abby is particularly speedy while J.T. shoots for maximum diameter, leaving Spiderman and his friends (lego, Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, Transformers too) scattered in every. single. room.

One of my favorite things... a family holiday. We celebrated my mother's birthday on Sunday. My nephew turns 16 on the same day, so we had a massive joint celebration with lots of noise, food, and cake. J.T. made a card for mother that said: "Happy Birthday to you. You look lick (like... still can't spell) a Grandma... and you are one too!" He was very proud. Grandma Pat was thrilled.

Overheard ... (I added this one): Abby to Rob: "Sometimes your mother says bad words." Rob: "I know."

A few plans for the rest of the week... Clean-up before the cleaning lady comes. Find time for working out (but it's too HOT she whines), a glass of wine (or three), and gardening.


peppermintpatcher said...

Very glad you added the "overheard"... it's very funny!

(I'm sure JT is missing you too)

Stomper Girl said...

Hello. I missed you. You have my sympathy as you muddle through the heat, I can't bear it either.

Aunty Evil said...

Just have the w(h)ine, let the cleaning lady do what she is paid to do, and work on your tan.

It's freezing here (by Sydney standards anyway) so enjoy the heat!

Mary said...

I like your plans for the rest of the week very much I must say...

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I'm so jealous it's hot by you. Today feels like early September. It's around 63 degrees but I can't complain. It's sunny.

Went to the shore last week and my friend's A/C wasn't working. It was 90 degrees that day and I was not a happy camper. With you on that.

Hope J.T. has a great time!!

Much love from NJ,

rhubarbwhine said...

Loved the catch up post, you were missed! Send me some heat, it's much too cold here for me :(

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