Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Music

This song has been running around my head like a Wild Thing since I heard it during the upcoming movies bit at Harry Potter (which I loved).

I love songs that make me want to close my eyes and dream. Imagine running through the yard with the cold spring grass licking at my feet and the breeze rushing at me, through me, around me. Lifting my face to the sun and soaking up the light, heat, happiness. Picking honeysuckle blossoms and painstakingly releasing that single long stem to capture one drop of sweet nectar. Songs of carefree childhood.

What's your slice of happy today?


Aunty Evil said...

Melinda! You are deep into it today, do you have a child free day or something?

My piece of happy every day at the moment is looking out of my home-office window at the garden beyond. I'm loving our new house!

Mary said...

That is a gorgeous piece of writing !

I need to take a photo for it!!

Your writing is my piece of happy today.

peppermintpatcher said...

The sun is always my slice of happy. I hate a grey day. Today the sky is brilliant blue - perfect.

rhubarbwhine said...

Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful post!!!!

Fairlie said...

Visting your blog is my clice of happy this morning!

Fairlie said...

Or slice even...

crafty said...

Hi Melinda, loved your last post.

I too am baffled by the having to wake the children, my eldest in particular doesn't believe in sleep.

It took years to train him to stay in bed until 6am.

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