Monday, April 13, 2009



Food - fresh fruit, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, enough delicious spinach dip to solve the food crisis of a small 3rd world country.

Eggs - 200+ candy filled goodies and not nearly enough places to hide them. What were we thinking? Do you realize how much candy that is?

Weather - balmy and gorgeous! Perfect for egg hunting and game playing and the occasional kid squabble.

Family - 30 people and lots of laughing.

Below you see me, flanked by my older brother Sidney and my older sister Christie.

P.S. Note how much HAIR my mother has this year!! Isn't it gorgeous?


M said...

Oh my, that certainly is a LOT of chocolate. Trouble is you can't have an Easter egg hunt without loads of easter eggs.

Happy Easter!

Mary said...

Such a thrill to see a photo of you with your siblings.

Even more so to see your mother's glorious head of hair!

As for the eggs - I have to say I feel a little sick from all the eggs I managed to eat.

Rob said...

No pictures of me I see...or don't see as the case may be. Nice to be loved.

Did you notice that when I was playing catch with all the teenagers that they all got tired and quit while the 36 year old was still going strong.

Melinda said...

Rob, they KNOW what YOU look like!

Yes, I noticed you outlasted the kiddos, despite the fact that they were fueled up with sugar and excitement.

Rob said...

Still, sometimes I like to look at myself and there's not always a mirror handy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Anytime you care to share your spinach dip recipe, I am all ears... err.. eyes...

Anonymous said...

Someone please buy Rob a handy purse-sized mirror that he can carry at all times.

Looks like lots of happy memories made for your family at easter this year.

Rob said...

Hand-sized mirror is no good. I'd forget it was in my back pocket, sit on it, and lacerate one of my buttocks....or maybe that was your plan...hmmmmm???

Anonymous said...

I meant that you should carry it in your man-bag. (Do you have those? Kind of a many handbag that all the cool guys carry.)

Rob said...

I went to a baseball game one time and borrowed one of my friend's (okay my only friend's) man-bag and it was incredibly handy. However my friend is that hip kind of cool that can try anything and still be cool. Me on the other hand looked like a total square trying to be cool and failing miserably.

The next baseball game my Dad borrowed my friend's bag and everyone though he was hip and cool. Story of my life.

Stomper Girl said...

You and your mother are BOTH gorgeous. And she looks like she has drunk deep from the fountain of youth. Those are good genes to inherit! Happy Belated Easter. (and sorry to be so behind with your blog xxx)

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