Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Post That Wasn't

We're back! Healthy, for the most part. Rob is still feeling the lingering effects of his sinus/cough/icky illness. Abby is definitely back to 'normal'... normal for her anyway.

This post was to have been a lovely little video of the Abster singing (yelling) "We Will Rock You!" Blogger doesn't like our wmv file though. Perhaps the 60 MB size was too much for google to handle? Perhaps blogger sensed that you would be traumitized by the graphic nature of this little home movie?

Here's the verbal trailer: "Abby, fresh from the bath, freshly gowned, hair still wet from the tub, opens our show with a unique rendition of the classic Queen song, "We Will Rock You!" Our heroine follows up this number with an encore performance of "All Summer Long," by Kid Rock, (yes I'm aware that this qualifies as child abuse and I will probably burn for it) featuring backup by her glamorous female parent, all dolled up in yoga pants (okay, they're pajama pants, but yoga pants and pajama pants are nearly identical, so why would you pay money for yoga pants when pajama pants serve the same purpose and you could spend that money on trashy paperbacks, hmmm?), workout top and sneakers, no makeup and a hairstyle that can only be described as, post-workout slick. An image that might actually inspire a spontaneous chorus of "Fat-bottomed Girls".

Southern accents abound and you are sad that you did not get to hear these performances and a couple of Hannah Montana electric guitar solos. Which were made all the more fabulous by the fact that the battery was dying. Perhaps the cats could have done backup for those? The effect probably would have been the same. Look out American Idol.


Blue Mountains Mary said...

Oh my. I would have loved to have seen that video.

She may not be able to sing but you are building some happy memories for her.

Fairlie said...

Youtube perhaps? This sounds like a video too good to end up on the cutting room floor.

Glad to see you back!

Stomper Girl said...

Youtube it. I wanna see you shaking your ass in pyjama err yoga pants. I think.

Melinda said...

No. You don't. Trust me.

M said...

You tube it! I wanna hear the southern accents.


Anonymous said...

I am agreeing furiously here. Youtube it - please!

Precious Pink Pumps said...

so glad to have you back. Yoga pants and all. x

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