Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ooooo, such GRACE!

Ms. Abigail has suffered the undignified female response to an antibiotic regimen, necessitating a trip to the grocery store to restock our yogurt supply. Guess what I did, right in the middle of the dairy aisle at the Bi-lo?

Coordinated, ever graceful me, managed to fall down. Luckily I caught myself with my FACE and my right knee.

Was the floor wet, you ask? No.

Did someone spill something, a coke or a glass of sweet tea? No.

Some small fry wrapped around your leg, greatly inhibiting your ability to balance yourself? No.

Remember those lovely black peep-toe pumps I purchased last summer? They're a death trap. Doing nothing more complicated than walking, I managed to get the heel of my right pump caught in the insole of the left one. Which meant the stupid laws of gravity and momentum carried me face and knee first into the floor. Talk about embarrassing. Luckily nothing more than my pride was damaged beyond repair. My knee, however, is swollen and I am using it to my advantage. While I sit here typing with an ice pack on the bruised appendage, Rob has already bathed the boy and cleaned up the kitchen. Our washer broke this morning, so he is taken the half-washed load over to his mother's later.

I would love to sign up for one of Stomper Girl's tap classes. But can you imagine the disasters awaiting me in a pair of tap shoes?


M said...

I promise I am not laughing. No siree. Not even a little bit.


Damn shoes.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Ahhh. Been there. Most recently in the parking lot at Carter's. Peyton pulled a wrestling move on me. She decided to sit down and cut me off at the knees instead of walking like a big girl. Of course I had heels on which threw me off balance. I tried to avoid falling on her and that I did. Right smack on my back, bum and arm.

Stomper Girl said...

Lucky the floor wasn't wet if you used your FACE to land on it. Come over here to my classes honey, I'll give you grace. If it KILLS me.

Aunty Evil said...

Please tell me you were wearing trousers, and not that the first indication you had that your skirt was up around your neck was the breeze coming from the freezer section?


crafty said...

Ouch! I hope your knee is better.

If only you had been caught on camera, you could have made your fortune on a funniest home video show, do you have one? We have "Australia's Funniest Home Videos" and they consist almost exclusively of people hurting themselves.

peppermintpatcher said...

Watch out for Miss Abby. We have passed our less than co-ordinated walking style onto Ashleigh. She took a tumble last week at the coffee shop while carrying the microwave tray. The tray is in pieces and her knee is colourful.

Not one member of our family would have found it funny at all. We've all been there...

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