Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Carried by Love

Mother has finished her chemo! She has actually been done for about a month and a half. Her hair is growing quickly and is lovely, chic and short right now. Thick and a little wavy.

It is so exciting for us. Of course it is most exciting for her. No more sticks, pokes, prods, blood work and tests. She has her Thursdays back! She has all her days back. We have her back.

I have said the words 'thank you' many times over the past year. We have had so many to thank. Kind friends who have visited, delivered food, mailed cards, taxied to and from appointments and called with words of encouragement and support. Someone else once commented that on our toughest days, we are carried by love. That is how we feel. Carried by love.

The following Monique Duval quote is one I read on another blog today. Another dear friend is facing a struggle and I hope she is carried by love as well. And that this quote strikes a chord with her as it did with me this morning.

"Then swing your window open,
the one with the fresh air and good eastern light
and watch for wings, edges, new beginnings...”
- Monique Duval


3 Peas in a Pod said...

That's great that your Mom is finished with chemo. What a great way to start the Spring. Love that quote.

Much love from NJ,

Stomper Girl said...

What a beautiful post. I'm so glad for your mother.

M said...

Great news Melinda, so great.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

I am so so glad for you and your family.

That quote brought tears to my eyes - it is beautiful and so full of hope.

Even if I am not the friend of whom you write I will take that quote and hold it to my heart.


Melinda said...

It was for you, my dear.

Fairlie said...

What wonderful news! And a very pertinent quote.

peppermintpatcher said...

Very, very, VERY good news.

kirsty said...

I'm so pleased for you and yours and especially for your Mama. Good, good news! The quote is superb.

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