Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life with Diva

The Diva will be turning 4 in just under two weeks. She has been excited about that for two months. The invitations (shaped like tiaras of course) have been purchased, the cake (Dora... again) has been planned, the gift (a bicycle with training wheels) has been bought and we have nought to do but wait. The hard part.

She is fiercely independent, unless she cannot get what she wants without help. Then she expects you to do it. Now. With only a reluctant "please" thrown in to appease her etiquette-loving mother. If you don't jump to do her bidding, post haste, there will ironically be a plethora of "pleases" issused rapidly and in that tone that is designed to drive mothers to insane asylums.

She empties her dresser drawers several times a week, usually in search of just the right pair of shorts or to come up with a winter fashion ensemble including sweater, boots and shorts with scarf and bikini. Even though it's hotter than the surface of Mercury in sough Georgia right now.

If things don't go her way, it is your fault. She and Rob played whiffle ball (baseball with a soft bat and a soft ball) yesterday. She struck out several times. All of which were blamed on Daddy.

The Christmas picture session from 2006:

Which is why we skipped the Christmas pictures in 2007.

Her grandparents took a trip to New England last week. When they got back yesterday she wanted to know what they got her. Then expressed her disappointment that she didn't get more. I guess that tells you have well my manners lessons have been absorbed. When I told her it was time to for us to go get Mama and Papa, she asked if they were staying home this time. Then she told Papa that maybe he could just go by himself next time. Really have to work on those manners, don't I?


M said...

I am fighting a losing battle with manners. That is why I am glued to the four-part british series "Never did me any harm" which is about that very subject. Fabulous stuff, I take copious notes.

Stomper Girl said...

Ah but she's nearly 4. They're so delicious at 4, so loving and adorable. You wait!

Also, I think it's a good thing in life to be a gutsy girl who knows what she wants.

Sussanah said...

Well behaved Women Rarely Make History!

A little sass, goes with a free thinking mind.

bluemountainsmary said...

It is such an incredible age. I loved four.

Three was foul. Four was good.

She sounds like a good Libran in the making to me!

Michelly said...

I wouldn't worry about it until she is screaming on the floor of the gym at the age of 6 and refusing to listen to her mother. This is what I witnessed today. Lovely.

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