Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Common Sense

Is it me, or is there a shortage of not just smarts, but common sense in the world?

Rob was telling me yesterday that a study was done that proved.... that chimpanzees prefer their meat cooked. Interesting, yes. Helpful, no. I'm sure that scientists who study primates and evolution find this information fascinating, but for the population at large, it isn't really that relevant is it?

Normally, I am 100% behind all types of scientific research. I did go to college to be a science teacher after all. Times are tough, though. We are facing global emergencies that need solutions now. The money spent to fund this research could have been used to develop alternative energy sources, learn more about how to stop and correct the impact of global warming, or help developing countries develop strategies to help reduce poverty.

Apparently we need to know that should a chimpanzee visit the Four Seasons, he will be asking for a well done hunk of meat instead of the steak tartar. Doesn't that make the future seem brighter?


bluemountainsmary said...

Common sense and wise words Melinda.

It did occur to me that that money spend on that Big Bang experiment in Switzerland could have been put to much much better use.

M said...

Ooh but Big Bang experiments are so much fun.

On a personal perspective I know that if I have $100 it would be most sensible to pay it off the mortgage, but the truth is I'd probably buy a pair of shoes, or four books.

Stomper Girl said...

Hey, do you think I could get me some of that there research money? I think I can prove that cats prefer cooked meat too. Well, Bertie Wooster does anyway.

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