Saturday, March 29, 2008

Under the Bed

The rumors are true. A bogeyman does live under the bed and he likes to hoard things.

I cleaned out from under our bed today and found the following:

7 socks (none of which matched of course)
15 action figures (one of whom was missing a leg)
1 hair bow
1 1/2 pairs of shoes
5 books
a clothes hanger
a black piece of plastic of undetermined purpose
3 cheezits who were well beyond the five second rule
a scuffy looking orange jelly bean

Isn't it strange how the majority of the things under OUR bed belongs to the kids?

*A big thanks to Soozadoo for the header look. Isn't it gorgeous?!


bluemountainsmary said...

There is not much space under our bed for much of anything.

I did find a toy car.

No underwear either!

Anonymous said...

The worst thing I've ever found was a six-pack of donuts that must have been about three months old. My son (aged about 8) wanted them all for himself and then forgot they were there.
Beautiful header! Please God, tell me that is your house?

Anonymous said...

She's a clever girl with a header!

Are you sure that Rob wasn't playing with the action figures when you weren't looking??

Precious Pink Pumps said...

oh loving your new blogger. that is just so beautiful. soozadoo does do good head.....sorry, couldn't resist that one.

Melinda said...

Oh Jennifer, That was so, so wrong.

Tracey, I'm sure that must be it.

Kirsty, I would wish that were my house, except it costs a fortune to maintain and heat and cool those lovely old southern manors. Not my house. But I can see it from my kitchen window.

Fairlie said...

Not brave enough to look under our bed. I suspect that could be where the six cat collars we (or the rather, the cats) have lost this year may be.

What a view you must have from your kitchen window! Love the new header.

Team SAK said...

Love the new look blog. You win the bravery award of the week for having the courage to venture under the bed.

M said...

Love the header! Ooh I'm feeling the peer-group pressure to do something with mine.

You'll have to head over to Unclutterer (dot com I think). I few days ago they posted on cleaning under beds/couches etc.

We don't have any room under our beds but our couches are repositories for all sorts of vile things.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like it. It was fun to do.

caramaena said...

The header is great!

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