Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Smorgasbord Post

Yep, that's right. It's a little of this and a little of that.

Today is picture day at J.T.'s school. So of course he woke up with some serious bed-head issues. It took much combing and lots of water to get those wild hairs to lay down. I'm sure they popped right back up by the time he made it to school.

I choose this lovely shirt for him to wear. He didn't like it. He wanted to wear a Spiderman shirt instead. Which would have been okay except that he has grown since last summer and his Spiderman shirt is too small. The last I saw of him this morning, he was reluctantly clothed in the lovely shirt, but had bundled into a jacket to hide it. Of course the jacket doesn't match the shirt, so hopefully he will remember to take it off. And did I mention that he is now missing two front teeth? This will be the definitive school portrait: messy hair, snaggle-toothed, mismatched clothing AND an inopportune pimple. I know. A first grader with a pimple. What kind of picture day bad karma gives a 1st grader a pimple?

I have a few new southern phrases for you, courtesy of the very handsome, very southern drawling, very manly Brett Favre, American Football player.

"He's slower than steam coming off a pile of horse s***."

"It's hotter than two rats doing it* in a wool sock."

"These (foot)balls are slicker than owl s***."


bluemountainsmary said...

I think I like smorgasbord posts best of all.

Especially when they contain more southern sayings.

Fairlie said...

Oh, I *love* the "slower than steam coming off a pile of horse s***" saying. In fact I'm using it right at this minute to describe the girls getting ready for school! Of course, I'm turning it into a G-rated expression first.

caramaena said...

I like the shirt :)

J.T. sounds a bit like Chickie when it comes to going to school - messy hair (his just *won't* sit down), snaggle toothed (he's missing both his front teeth, though you can see a little of one of the adult teeth now), though we're spared the mismatched clothing since the school has a uniform (well dress code really).

A pimple on picture day though? No fair.

Stomper Girl said...

It will probably end up being your favourite school photo! Climber's photo will be the same this year, no teeth and crazy-boy hair. Something to do with being 6/7?

kristen said...

I think my 7 year old is getting pimples for some unknow reason. I couldn't believe it. I think he's having a hormomal change as he has been a bit different lately. Arrgghh
PS who invented Spiderman. I have 4 that live for him.

Team SAK said...

I didn't know steam came off horses' shoes. Only joking Fairlie and Melinda! Great post and like Stomper Girl I suspect this years photo will one of your favourites. Looking forward to your next post.

Rob said...

That would be Stan Lee and Steve Ditko...who invented Spider-Man. Alas,since they were under contract with Marvel Comics they do not own any rights to the character and have not shared in the billions that the Spider-Man franchise has generated. Lee went on to make his millions as Marvel's figurhead. Ditko, while a respected member of the comics community, pretty much got shafted.

You did ask.

Aunty Evil said...

If this appears twice, blame blogger, not me.

But where can I find a picture of that manly man without his helmet on? Surely there is one. The helmet kind of kills the know? I searched the sites you provided, he is retiring, boo hoo, but still no picture of him without a helmet.

Surely with a helmet on, the sayings he is reknowned for would sound more like "mffohh dhdhhmmff lmfmmfffrrrr", which really, isn't amusing at all. Is it?

Melinda said...

Rob won't let me hear the end of it about my Brett Favre admiration. Here you go Aunty:

Geez that's long. If that doesn't do it, google Brett Favre images.

Anonymous said...

I have a,um, friend who screwed her boyfriend in a sleeping bag once. That was hot (in the orginal meaning of the word i.e. we, um THEY nearly passed out from heat exhaustion). I can imagine how those poor rats feel.

Anonymous said...

Philip always seems to have his school photo taken after lunch. Generally he runs around in the heat for the whole of lunch. Every photo has a beautiful sweaty 'glow' to it. Thank goodness they can't capture smells in photos.

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