Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to get my Merry Christmas in before the busyness really gets going. Doesn't it seem like the world spins faster and the time runs short around the holidays? There are batches of fudge and cookies to make, presents to wrap, cards to write (okay I'm probably going to turn them into New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards) and only six more sleeps till the big fat guy in the red suit comes.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is to see the anticipation and joy in a child's eyes as they endure that bittersweet wait for Christmas morning. It can't seem to come fast enough, but once it's here you wish it wouldn't end.

Another of my favorite things are the family traditions that seem to manifest themselves during the Christmas Season more than any other time. At our house, we read the Christmas Story the night before.... my father reading in his deep steady tone and us sitting so quiet and still as we listened.... so peaceful. Then we'd gather round the tree and each of us would choose one gift to open. I spent hours the day before touching the presents with my name on them, shaking them gently.... trying to decide which one would have the most wonders inside it and should thus be chosen first. Before bed we'd select cookies for Santa and leave him a nice cold Dr. Pepper since our Santa wasn't a milk drinker. Translation: my mother isn't wasting a glass of expensive milk on Santa when it would just have to be poured out. Then it was off to bed where we'd try desperately to go to sleep so Santa would come. He doesn't come if you're awake.

Without ever realizing we had fallen asleep, we'd wake to a silent, still house. A mad scramble to the fireplace for stockings first.... loaded with fruit, nuts, candycanes, chocolate, new toothbrushes, books and a few small toys. After a suitable amount of time admiring each other's loot, we'd move on to the Christmas Tree in the Living Room where gifts were piled, unwrapped. I could always just imagine Santa pulling them from his sack and setting them around with great care. My parents would sit on the couch and watch as we marveled at our new treasures. Our grandparents would arrive for a big breakfast and to admire our gifts. The rest of the day was spent with our new toys and gifts, candy, books and friends. A big family celebration with aunts, uncles and cousins finished the day off. We'd fall asleep from sheer exhaustion a little early. Gorged on ham, dressing, sweet potatoes, pecan pie and enough candy to make a dentist cringe.

I hope Christmas is as exciting and magical for my children as it has always been for me. I hope your Christmas is too. May God bless you, each and every one.


Aunty Evil said...

Ahhh Melinda,

You do write beautifully, I have to hand it to you. This was lovely, and I could imagine it.

I even started dredging up memories of my own childhood Christmases.

Have a great day with your family, old and young.

Melinda said...

I bet your Mom made them fun, Aunty.

Currently listening to "Under Pressure" by Queen at the moment. Seems very appropriate for the buildup to Christmas?

M said...

And a big fat merry Santa Christmas to you and your family too Melinda. May it be full of lovely moments.

precious pink pumps said... really took me back then. That was beautiful. Reminded me how lucky I am to have shared similar childhood experiences. I also hope I do half as good a job as my parents did. I love christmas. I just wish i lived in a part of the world where it was a WHITE christmas. Instead we are sweltering here. Christmas MUST be indoors with chilly air conditioning and lots of champagne. Have a great christmas...cannot wait to hear all about it. x

bluemountainsmary said...

They are such beautiful memories - thanks for sharing. It was like reading a christmas story in itself.

Wishing you and your family a precious Christmas together. I have no doubt your children will grow up with similar special memories.

Fairlie said...

Wishing you and your family the merriest of Christmasses!

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