Monday, December 10, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

Borrowed from Fairlie. Warm cookies and cold milk. Or hot pizza and a nice tall, cold, glass of diet coke.

A rainy afternoon with a good book and a fuzzy blanket on the couch.

Anniversary trips to Savannah with Rob.

Lunch dates (alcoholic beverage included) with Angel.

Guilty pleasures: paperback romances, chocolate bars and sweet iced tea.

That five minute window where your awake, but not truly awake yet. I think that's better than 8 hours of REM sleep.

iPod and iTunes. I love being able to have all of the obscure, non-mainstream songs I want without spending a small fortune on whole albums.

Corny Jokes: Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? He didn't have the guts! Borrowed from my 6 year old.

Blogging and bloggers.

Just for Stomper because I know she and Aunty will ask: "cleaning".... wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Making up songs in the car with Thing 1 and Thing 2. Even if the only words are: Santa Claus and Merry Christmas.

Thing 1 and Thing 2, a.k.a. Abby and J.T. Even if I sometimes wish I had a box I could pack them in when they were naughty. Or maybe I need the box?


Aunty Evil said...

It's always the simple things, isn't it Melinda?

Stomper Girl said...

Why didn't the dinosaur cross the road? Because roads weren't invented then. Hahahaplop.

We share quite a few favourites. And thank goodness for the airholes.

Fairlie said...

Nice list! And waytogo...reading yours I now feel all materialistic, including only things in my favourite list! (as in items...not your Things...who I'm sure are lovely, just don't feature on my favourite list.)

I'll have to do another list of favourite non-things.

bluemountainsmary said...

Rainy afternoons with a good book and a warm blanket - my idea of heaven.

Thank goodness because the rain and mist has been happening every day here for days!

Tracey Petersen said...

You guys are just spreading the love with your favourites lists!

Rob said...

1. I love mine and Melinda's Savannah trips, they're completely self-indulgent and I get Melinda all to myself for an entire day.

2. Being able to watch a movie at home from beginning to end without interruption and TURNING IT UP AS LOUD AS I WANT TO........MELINDA!!!

3. Backrubs from Melinda.

4. Spending time in my collection room.

5. The greeting I "usually" get from JT and Abby when I walk in the door, as if they haven't seen me in months.

6. Getting a new item for my collection and/or a new DVD.

7. Sitting on my parents front porch with Melinda and my parents in the rocking chairs, watching JT and Abby play in the dirt, and just having a free-flowing conversation about whatever.

8. Having my checkbook match perfectly with the bank statement.

9. Reading and re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin.

....and last but the actual #1.....

Hanging Curtains with Melinda!!!!!!

crafty said...

Congrats on your 100th post Melinda.

Hmmm, have you seen the movie The Castle? It seems that Rob is an honourary Australian too, methinks he has his own version of a pool room.

M said...

I'd love a red box for my Thing 1 and Thing 2. It would be one of my favourite things.

Oooh, Mary, I love rainy afternoons with blanket and book too!

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