Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Betwixt and Between

Christmas and New Year's. More Christmas memories to add to the collection and the last few days of 2007 to spend.

Highlights from this Christmas include:

A baking disaster for me. Seems to be at least ONE each year. My cakes are never pretty. They are yummy, but not a feast for the eyes. I made a caramel layer cake for my niece's birthday (yes, poor thing was born on Christmas Day) and this picture doesn't show it in full ugliness. It would've made the Leaning Tower of Pisa look quite straight. Rob tore a hunk off this morning and I said: "So that's why it looks strange." Rob: "No, that's NOT why." But did I mention it was delicious?

Santa completely forgetting to include batteries for the remote control cars. Each car required SIX Double A batteries! Honestly. I'm beginning to think he owns stock in battery companies.

When you purchase identical remote control cars.... one remote will work both cars. This is both interesting and potentially hazardous to household harmony.

The children slept in until after 8 a.m. (Aren't YOU jealous) We had to wake Abby up because J.T. couldn't stand it any longer.

Abby's favorite gift was the big pack of markers and art pad. If we'd just purchased a huge case of paper and a couple more packs of markers, we could have gotten off super cheap this year.

J.T. got a Star Wars Lego Star Destroyer with 1,366 pieces. Anyone care to place bets on how much time passes before we lose about 20 of those pieces? Anyone care to place bets on how long we can keep Abby uninvolved in this project? Anyone care to place bets on how many times I'm going to step on an amazingly sharp little piece of lego in the dead of night?

The least favorite items were board games and books. Oh, and Rob's mother gave J.T. a set of Transformer sheets. Do you remember how you felt when you got clothes instead of toys? That's exactly the response we got from him. "Sheets?! For Christmas?!"

We're recovering in the hazy, sugary, so-tired-I'm-numb exhaustion that is the day after Christmas. I'm going to have some wine and cheese while the children grow more and more bored with their loot.


Sussanah said...

JT got a Lego Star Destroyer??? Or did Rob get a Lego Star Wars Destroyer??

My advice, super glue it together.

Stuff creativity glue it together!

ps please join my Lego class action for foot damage when you step on one of those sharp bits in the night.

pps I'm fairly certain that studies show that kids who sleep in are more likely to grow up and be criminals...yes that is my petty jealousy showing.

bluemountainsmary said...

My cakes have improved over the years but for a while there they were so bad that I was emailing photos of them to a good friend in London who is an amazing cake maker and icer - just because I knew the amusement value in them would do her good!

We are into post christmas day number two and still tired and still just lazing around!

peppermintpatcher said...

I'm with Sussanah, glue that sucker together! Or once it is made put it way up high - it's not a plaything, you know.

(I can say this because we have a lego room. Every single Harry Potter lego kit ever made is assembled and in there on display. note that DISPLAY, do not touch)

Melinda said...

Sussanah, Rob got a Sith Infiltrator... he bought it and I had to wrap it so he could unwrap it.

I'm definitely leaning toward the glue and you can sign me up for the class action suit. Twice if you want.

Mary, we're lazing too. I'm trying to avoid looking around too much to see all the cleaning I SHOULD be doing.

Tracey, Rob has a Star Wars display room that the children may only enter while supervised.

barb michelen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stomper Girl said...

We're all about Mars Mission Lego ovah heah. And somehow our "Lego room' is also our lounge-room, aka the grown-ups room what a laugh, and I wage a constant war on keeping the doorway free of Lego so that I can walk into my so-called room.

Remote control cars are an absolute winner as presents, my kids didn't get one but they had heaps of fun playing with their cousin's one.

Happy Christmas to you all Cx.

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