Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Runaway Train

Was it only two short months ago that I had a plan? A plan to get everything TOGETHER this year?

The Plan has been scrapped in favor of winging it. I think I knew that's what would happen all along anyway. Best laid plans and what not.

Busy doesn't describe this household lately. Runaway train experiencing a brake failure on an extreme downhill grade would work. I'm tempted to pull the emergency brake and bring it to a screeching halt. But I feel in my bones we'd just end up flattened by the cars behind us. The dance lessons to guitar practice to horseback riding lessons hopping continues with bits of homework, illness and late night work projects thrown in for balance.

Today I had to stop and really think about what day of the week it was. I can't decide if I'm running behind or thinking ahead or simply confused. All the grand ideas for the new year have been melted in the acid of reality, of all the obligations and events and.... life. Just life.

Abby has been asked to be the flower girl in my niece's wedding in April. We managed to find time to do this today:

One more thing off the checklist. And isn't it a beautiful thing?

Now this weekend (come to me my love), there will be relaxing. Wine, reading and sleeping until I wake up without alarm bells ringing in my ear. The train gliding to a halt for a bit.


Melinda said...

Abby wants there to be at least one comment on this (not vain at all is she) so I must say she is stunning and girly and quite adorable to balance out her more vinegary bits! I type this as she has one hand wrapped around my head telling me she will be famous because we posted this picture. Lots of giggling involved.

Aunty Evil said...

Yes, it certainly is a beautiful thing. As is the gorgeous dress!

Abby, you are adorable, you are going to be a sensational flower girl!

Stomper Girl said...

She looks so special. I hope people pay attention to the poor bride and Abby doesn't shine her down too much.

I feel you re the runaway train. So looking forward to my weekend away when I get to hop off the train and get my head together. i have to lie in bed for 5 minutes each morning thinking about what day it is and what running around will be required!

Cell Block said...

She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty!!!!!

M said...

Abby will be a beautiful flower girl. A very exciting thing for a young girl!

I think we all empathise with the feeling of the runaway train. Come over to Perth where the locals would just let it run on past.

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