Sunday, February 5, 2012


I confess that I might be in love with my Kindle Fire.

A little TOO in love with it.... as I spend quite a bit of time either reading, catching up on Facebook (see what you are missing Aunty E.), and ahem, playing Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies. ( WHY is lobbing birds/plants at bad guys so addicting)? I've decided I'm a glutton for punishment as a certain fellow blogger keeps kicking my butt at Words with Friends. Just when I think I'm at least in a game, she plays a 70-point word!

The downside might be too much "wasted" time, but the upside is more reading! I can't put my finger on exactly why, but the Kindle has increased my reading pace tremendously. Maybe it is the easy access of having a virtual library that I can toss in my bag in the morning, then pull it out and pick the book that suits me while I'm waiting for guitar/dance/horseback riding to finish, so that I'm reading at times and in places I have not been? Finally finishing up The Hunger Games trilogy, re-reading some favorites and getting new recommendations (Bereft and To Be Sung Underwater) thanks to Mary's brilliant idea to start a "Recent Reads" group on FB. I don't have the time or money to waste on mediocre books, so having a recommendation list is wonderful.

As much as I truly, deeply, for always and ever love my Kindle, I am discovering that I need to limit my use. Too much intake and not enough output. Hopefully I can maintain the reading renaissance and back off of the more mindless entertainments available in this tiny rectangle of happiness. I really would like to return to more regular blogging and blog reading, gardening, etc.

But in the meantime, did I mention that Kindle and I are madly in love?


Mary said...

i love my Kindle so much too. Like you the amount of reading I am doing has increased dramatically - I love knowing I have the next book waiting for me.

At the moment I am on a "romance/chick lit" binge. It suits me perfectly right now yet I would never have bothered buying those books otherwise.

Aunty Evil said...

But don't you miss the turning of the page? I am an electronic junkie but have no electronic stuff...does that make sense?

I want it all but in reality, would never use it.

My sister has a Kindle and loves it. I want one just because she has one.

And what am I missing out on? Facebook? Nuh uh?

Stomper Girl said...

Me, me! I'm the certain blogger!

I had a massive Angry Birds addiction but it did wear off! Now it's just my Words With Friends and although I have about 12 games going at once, it isn't too overwhelming.

I don't own an e-reader so it is still old-fashioned books for me.

Fairlie said...

The Poolboy got a Kindle for his birthday - I'm waiting to see how he goes with it, but I'm dying to get one for myself!

Rhubarb Whine said...

I am with Aunty E. I love paper books, page turners, worn corners and cracked spines.

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