Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's Your Story?

When I'm not so caught up in my mental to-do list that I don't notice my surroundings, much less the people passing by, I often study the faces, clothing, mannerisms of people I meet - and wonder... What's your story? What do you do? Where are you from? Who are the people who matter to you? Where are you going? Why? What do your dream of for your future? Why did you want to become a banker, lawyer, flower shop owner, teacher, artist, photographer, dance instructor, secretary, architect, etc.?

The city of Statesboro recently installed park-style benches along the downtown streets. Instead of facing out, they face the storefronts. Is it me or is that backwards? The streetscape really is lovely and laidback. One of the bank parking lots is used as a farmer's market each Saturday where local growers sell produce, flowers, homemade breads and crafts. The first Friday of the month businesses stay open late and the downtown restaurants offer free samples and wine tastings. Below is a video that has some neat pictures of the town as it was growing. Disclaimer: It isn't well done. Why the heck are they shooting film through tree branches?


Aunty Evil said...

Very interesting, thanks for posting it!

You are right though, I think the camera person liked the artistic element of filming through growing stuff. It wasn't just trees, it was the plant in the cafe as well!

Have to these people have an accent to you? It is so COOL! I love the gent on the seat at the end "BICKOSE" for because. Can tell the Texan though! :)

Aunty Evil said...

Ohhh. and I love people watching as well. When hubby and I are waiting and watching, I make up stories for him to pass the time.

Fairlie said...

That is so cool! I loved seeing that glimpse of your town. (In fact, it remind me a bit of my hometown in Western Australia is is less that 20 years younger than Statesboro.)

Stomper Girl said...

For some reason I can't see the video. Maybe I'll check in when the kids aren't stealing half my download!

Anonymous said...

I loved the accents too,Aunty Evil. Very slow (a good slow) and laid back. Made me think of sipping iced tea on a park bench. One that faced a view though, please :)

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