Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Why do we dream?

When I was pregnant with J.T. ten years ago, I had some of the most vivid, strange dreams I have ever dreamt. One recurring nightmare featured me sitting in a college class, asking the other students why they were so diligently reviewing their notes before the beginning of class. Of course a test was scheduled for that day. Guess who hadn't studied?

The metaphor for that one is obvious. I didn't feel prepared for childbirth or a newborn! Which was true. When he was born, I thought to myself, I need another month. Then I'll be ready. Which of course ISN'T true. I don't think anyone feels adequately prepared for parenthood. I still don't.

Let's try something more difficult to interpret. Last night I dreamed that I was suddenly in Australia, having skipped the 20 hour flight, etc., wondering why on earth Rob and I decided that I should go alone and leave both husband and children behind. Was I in Sydney touring the sights? Trekking through the Outback? Diving off the Great Barrier Reef? Surrounded by blogging friends at a fabulous restaurant sipping wine and relaxing? No. Mary and I were touring a wildlife sanctuary and I was being attacked by..... turtles. Weird, lizard-looking turtles.


Aunty Evil said...

You've gotta watch those killer turtles here, they are merciless!

I have vivid, movie-like dreams nearly every night, and can remember most of them. Only problem is, when I try to tell hubby about them, they stop making sense and sound like gibberish.

Mary said...

I couldn't care less if you were being attacked by turtles.. at least you would be here !

And I would save you and take you to a lovely beachside restaurant and fill you with champagne and we would giggle together with all our blogging friends about your narrow escape from the weirdo turtles.

So there!

Cell Block said...

Now Melinda, you know I would never let you go to Australia all alone....I would send JT and Abby with you...and the dog. ILY! ;-)

Danielle said...

I'm yet to meet a killer turtle, but hey us Australians can breed some freaky things!!

I think a trip down under is very necessary to cleanse you of this dream, you know just to prove it wrong.


Anonymous said...

If those turtles had long faces and big teeth they may have been crocodiles...

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