Saturday, August 21, 2010

The One with the Re-enactment

My children informed me today of an adversarial sibling interaction in which the female was subjected to a dodge ball type attack with a flattened soccer ball at close range.

They cheerfully re-enacted the entire scenario for me in slow motion. The boy was undoubtedly guilty.

He was thanked for so readily assisting in his own prosecution. The judge waived incarceration in favor of time served as the injured party was both not injured (it was a deflated ball and really, he just set it on her and didn't throw it)and might have poked the bear with a stick in order to illicit the encounter.

Note that SHE did not volunteer to incriminate herself. Now we sing: "Girls go to Mars to get more cars, boys go to Jupiter...."


Anonymous said...

The judge needs to think quickly to keep ahead of these two.

Aunty Evil said...

That's my girl! :)

Stomper Girl said...

That's hilarious. I still remember the day a very young Climber (2ish) giving me an action replay of a fall or accident and my girlfriend - mother of a same age girl- commenting in amusement about it. Up till then I just thought that all kids action-replayed stuff.

Fairlie said...

That is very funny. There is NO volunteering to incriminate oneself going on in our household!

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