Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

Two weeks with no news here. Really, there has been no TIME to construct a blog post. The kids started school last week which means we had to sort out our routine after 9 weeks of lazy summer days.

It hasn't been a seamless transition. Abby started dance lessons today and J.T. continues with guitar. Add in homework and chores, playtime and supper, all to be accomplished in the few hours between end of school/work and bedtime and you see that we are busy. I prefer to be busy and in a routine, so in an odd way, I feel a little more relaxed as we are finding our groove.

Rob and I have also been finishing the upstairs project. The painting, apart from a few touchups, is done and the carpet was put down today. Dust is EVERYWHERE, and there are lots of small things to tackle, so we aren't at the finish line yet. But the big stuff is done. It feels nice.

Stomper Girl is looking for happy things and it has inspired me to focus on the ups instead of the downs. I'm a big believer in the fact that some days you have to make your own happy. Find it. Reach for it. Turn blue into sunny yellow.

Here is my happy for today:


Stomper Girl said...

Oh, it's a big transition from lazy summer holidayness into the school grind, but on the other hand it's good to get back into routine. Looking forward to some photos of the finished space! Apparently renovating is one of the most stressful things you'll do as a couple, so once more you guys have proved what an awesome relationship you have! There's a bit of happy for you right there! Cx

Mary said...

That nine weeks went ridiculously quickly!

and what Stomper said!

Tracey Petersen said...

Nine weeks without a school routine is a VERY long time! I hope it's just a matter of days before you are enjoying your relazing reading space.

Anonymous said...

You get 9 weeks of summer vacation? I am green with envy. How dvine, I'd be so laid back after that I'd be horizontal! Happy return to school, folks :)

Tania said...

I peeked down lower at your upstairs project. YOU LUCKY DUCKY YOU! Well done on finishing the big stuff. Imagine that is injecting a good bit of happy...

Fairlie said...

Summer holidays are over?!?!

Man. That went fast.

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