Monday, April 19, 2010

This is me...

setting about a Spring-time reboot. Freeze that image in your mind. By the time I'm done:

* Painting the den, hallway, stairway, guest bathroom AND the kitchen wall that J.T. splattered green den paint all over

* finishing up stage 1 of the "me" project of 2010

* steam clean the carpet

* organize swim lessons and guitar practice

* play hostess at a wedding shower

* host a Graduation party for my niece

* work on Mother's (did we decide if that was Mother's or Mothers'?) Day festivities


worst of all

cringe at just the thought of it

* go bathing suit shopping

THAT FACE won't be nearly that serene!


Bikini said...

I screamed in terror as I snatched a one-piece "Mom" suit off the rack at Target. Luckily it fit. The end.

Stomper Girl said...

Good luck with all of that! And tell me what we decided with that apostrophe, please.

Aunty Evil said...

I'm not in love with you or anything, and I'm sorry if this comes across as being really creepy, but you have the most gorgeous face!

The end.

Aunty Evil said...

Oh. I just used The end as a sentence. But then I realised that Bikini did too.

That makes me a creepy copier who is not in love with Melinda.

The end end. :)

Mary said...

The terror of bathing suit shopping.

The sheer gut wrenching terror!

Melinda said...

Oh Aunty! Aren't you sweet! Of course I only see the flaws in that face.

M said...

Waiting to hear about the results!

Stompy: Mother's, it's specified in the proclamation.

Anonymous said...

I hope a ray of sunshine highlights the perfect swim suit for you while a choir of angels sings a single note. That is what it would feel like to find just the right swim suit...

Darth said...

I'll be glad to pick you out a swimsuit.

Anonymous said...

Can you come and do mine when you are finished?

Fairlie said...

Listen to M. She knows about apostrophe stuff.

Oh the horror, the horror of swimsuit shopping.

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