Monday, April 12, 2010

Hodge Podge

Here's your update Aunty Evil! We've met with the mortgage person at the bank, and have decided after much number crunching, that we'd be better off saving up the money for our project. Which means dream delayed. But it is really important to us to be smart about our finances, as our local economy is expected to take a big hit this year. The good news is that Rob's careful financial planning and attention to detail resulting in us getting the best possible rate on our mortgage in the beginning.

This next bit is very dark ages--mid-1990s at least. We are still on dial-up! I know!! We live in the boonies and it has only just now become available in our section of the countryside. So of course, upgrading is HIGH PRIORITY! Remember the sound of the PC dialing in? Yeah. It's not so unfamiliar for us. That means I'll be posting more pictures and zooming through the web at lightning speed. I figure I can get the whole internet done in a few months.

My brother's birthday was the 9th of April. He would have been 46. Every year, my parents, siblings and I gather together and remember how lucky we were to have him in our lives and share our memories. This year, we spotted a big brown owl watching us carefully as we walked. He/She hooted and clicked at us, tilting its head to get a better view. We paused and watched the owl just as carefully. On our way out, we discovered the reason for his care.


Aunty Evil said...

That was definitely a hodge podge!

Glad you are being sensible about things financially, your DH sounds like mine!

Sorry about your brother. I am sure it is a sadness you all live with daily.

The baby owl is a cutey!

Mary said...

I thought the big brown owl might be your brother !

I'm sure that he sent the baby owl for you though.


M said...

Dial up ... oh man.

A lot of thinking happening at your place with a difficult anniversary there in the middle.

Stomper Girl said...

I think the baby brown owl at your gathering to remember your brother was a rare and special thing.

Meanwhile. Oh my GOD, dial-up?

Darth said...

Oh I don't know, dial-up was slow but it did its job. It actually contributed to my productivity...start a 2 MB file downloading...go straighten up the house for 10 minutes. It had a nice rhythm to it. Oh look, "rhythm" is one of those words that uses "y" as a

Anonymous said...

Seeing a baby owl like that must have felt so uplifting!

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