Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Variety Pack

Last week I told my sweet boy that I loved him so much I wouldn't trade him for 6 more just like him! He said: "I bet you wouldn't even trade me for a pony!" His sister said: "I'd trade you for a pony!"

He thinks she's kidding.

Friday I got stopped for speeding (53 mph in a 35 mph zone... oops). The wonderfully polite police officer who stopped me asked if I was having a nice day (bit my tongue on a sarcastic comment, but did manage to say with a smile... Not really).

When I got home, J.T. asked me if "Bad is Good." I said: "No. Bad costs you." He said: "How much?" Me: "$177.50 (the speeding fine for 53 mph in a 35 mph zone). J.T.: "How much can I get for $28?"

In news of the organic gardening, I'm wondering if spray-free gardening is more trouble than it's worth! The weeds are sprouting up far more quickly than the vegetables at this point and squeezing in a couple hours with the hoe is really difficult. Okay, maybe it's not a time thing. Who actually LIKES to hoe? I thought of asking (and by asking I mean begging/bribing/paying outrageous money) the small fries to do it, but they are of questionable work ethic/attention spans and I'd just end up paying them for 2 minutes worth of "work" and then have to do it myself.

Meanwhile, back at Gym Cannady, Rob is instructing me on body sculpting via light weight training (believe it or not, we have been argument free despite the fact that he is giving me direction and I am not in charge). I have also added running to my workout. I managed almost a mile without dying or coughing up any vital internal organs. There was lots of sweating though, which I dislike strongly.

No pain, no gain, huh?

Next week, we'll be on vacation to Wild Adventures in Valdosta. First big road trip with Miss Abby, of carsick fame. Thank you Lord for the portable DVD player and the ipod!


Mary said...

Honey you might want to add a low tech peg to that list. To block your nose. Ain't nothing quite as sour smelling as car sick...

And your kids are wonderful.

And running a mile is outrageous. I suspect 100 yards would just about do me in!

Rob said...

Hey you didn't tell them my hilarious joke about "hoeing".

Actually I'm quite sure the kids would love to be turned loose in the garden with a hoe, we'd have the world's largest mixed salad.

For the record....I like sweaty Melinda...ROWR!!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Wow Melinda, good for you running a mile. You go girl! Keep up the great work.

Sorry about the speeding ticket. That's a lot of cash.

Have fun on your vacation. I hope carsick Abby keeps it in check. Can she take Dramamine? Not sure if that would work. Might start experimenting with it on Peyton for our plane ride in July.

Much love from NJ,

M said...

Last year I saw a little boy wearing a t-shirt that said:

"Will trade sister for bike"

I wanted one.

Mine would say:

"Will trade children for shoes"

Melinda said...

Mine would say that too, M!

Anonymous said...

Ditch the running and get out there and do some vigourous hoe-ing. I bet that will hurt the next day too.

Aunty Evil said...

Vigorous hoeing WOULD hurt Tracey! I suspect I am thinking along the same lines as Rob though...

Have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

I would have traded my brother for a pony too. Without even an eyebrow raise. Actually, I still would...

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