Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Summertime loves:
Sundresses and lipgloss
Strappy sandals
Ice cold watermelon
Hot boiled peanuts
Fresh veggies
9 p.m. sunsets
Heat lightening
Choc. Chip Mint ice cream (of course)
Crepe Myrtles in bloom

I have to point out the loves, because the big hate is the heat. We are hitting the 100's this weekend (103F/42C) tomorrow and I have offered to sell Rob's Star Wars collection in exchange for a trip to the arctic.


Rob said...

Actually selling my Star Wars collection is a one-way ticket to somplace thats VERY HOT!!! So you see, your logic is flawed.

As for summer the only things I love about are:

1. Summer Blockbusters at the Theater.
2. The Beach and Bikinis and that black one piece that barely contains your boobs...yeah that one is hot.
3. Taking the kids to Splash in the Boro (or Barrow as Abby says).

Other than these 3 things I pretty much hate summer.

Anonymous said...

What is heat lightening? And there is that reference to boiled peanuts again!

I can't wait for the summer. Bring it ON!

Stomper Girl said...

Bah! I hate the heat too. But swimming and icecream are fun.

Rob said...

Heat lightening (as we call it in the South) occurs in the absence of a thunderstorm and it lights up the whole sky behind the clouds. Interspersed among the blankets of light are thin bright streaks of lightning that trace out over the bottom of the clouds. It is quite spectacular to witness.

Anonymous said...

I'm dreaming of summer over here. Big thunder storms that break the heat with torrential rain - nothing better.

Hope you find a cool breeze soon.

M said...

Oh yuck, 42 degrees. Bleh.

Come to Australia in winter. A little rain here an there but otherwise perfect.

Mary said...

How I would love to see Heat Lightening.

Do you have this in pink? said...

Oh how can you hate summer, I am counting down the days and hrs until summer down here. I love it hot hot hot. M what part of Australia are you from...not from Melbourne I'm guessing, its been FREEZING here.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Send the heat up to NJ!! It's been cold and rainy. Heat lightening is the best.

Hope you're having a great weekend. Happy Father's Day Rob!

Much love from NJ,

P.S. I love that your hubby comments on your posts. You two are so cute!!

Fairlie said...

I'm sooooo intruigued by those hot boiled peanuts. I'm just going to *have* to try them out for myself. I'm sure I can google a recipe.

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