Saturday, November 8, 2008


31 Dora the Explorer band-aids on the floor.
1 Dora the Explorer band-aid in the freezer.
26 dollars for 4 tickets to Madagascar 2.
18.65 for 2 small Sprites, 1 medium diet coke and a medium popcorn.
10 two liter drinks I could have gotten for the cost of 3 restaurant size drinks at the theater.
20 bags of microwave popcorn I could have gotten for the price of that medium popcorn.
5 minutes I spent trying not to laugh while the resident hypochondriac feared an allergic reaction to a piece of bubblegum.
2 benadryl taken for the reaction.
350 toys, pieces of toys and things we aren't sure are toys that were taken from the playroom.
0 toys the kids missed from the playroom.
350 toys that will become their all-time favorites when they realize they are about to be pitched.


Anonymous said...

LOL, sounds like fun... Reminds me of a recent birthday we hosted...

Anonymous said...

Holy crap - those are expensive movie treats. Hope everyone savoured them - no spillage allowed!

M said...

1 exhausted mom (note: I can speak American). :)

Stomper Girl said...

I always try to bring my own drink bottle to the cinema, the mark-up price is truly outrageous.

We're trying to pitch some toys too, my line to the kids is we're making room for all the new toys that are coming for Christmas and so far it has worked.

Aunty Evil said...

And a partridge in a pear tree...

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