Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lights Out!

Our electricity or "chrisity", as Abby would say, conked out Friday night. So we pulled out the candles and rounded up flashlights. The little miss determined that we had "wasted our chrisity and now it was GONE!" We had to call the grandparents and explain it to them, check on the brother gone for an overnight and find something to entertain us in the candle-glow.

I forget how pitch black it is when the lights are out. No digital display on the clock face to illuminate the dark even a teeny bit. No moonlight shining through the windows. I bet we flipped the light switches ten times, even though we knew there was no power.

Rob went upstairs and scrounged up both a radio/cd player and the batteries to go with it and we spent our time dancing to Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" and listening to the local high school football playoff games on the radio. When Abby got bored, the portable DVD player and a set of headphones kept her charmed until the lights flickered back to life over an hour later.

We had such a nice time in the dim light of our candles, that we may have to institute a regular "lights out" policy. It was amazingly calm and peaceful with no electronic distractions, well.... distracting us from each other and some simple entertainments.


Stomper Girl said...

It is quite nice by candlelight but someone needs to invent battery backup for bloggers in a chrisity crisis.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

The chrisity goes out quite regularly here.

It is quite nice for an hour or so.

Three hours can be wearing!

Aunty Evil said...

It is relaxing, but it's also amazing how you take the power for granted.

It doesn't go out here very often, but when it does, I usually think things like "oh, well I can't use the computer, so I might go and put on a dvd instead". Duh

M said...

Having no chrisity is great until I start worrying about the food in the freezer. An hour is fun. A day is just a bit of a pain. I like Stomper's idea of a battery.blogger.backup.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the chrisity goes out. I love the real darkness of no street lights, glowing objects etc.

(And I have a ups and a battery lappie for emergency blog outs...)

Anonymous said...

No electricity = no fans or air conditioning = not good!

I'm glad that you found ways to enjoy it though.

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