Friday, October 10, 2008

Clawing My Way Back

The "Ugh" seems to be on the way out. I am medicated, rested and feeling much better. Turns out I had strep AND an ear infection, which was only mildly uncomfortable until Tuesday night, when a cold front moved through and the low pressure created massive amounts of pain in my right ear. Amputation of the offending appendage seemed the best solution to me, as I don't tolerate even the mildest of pains very well. Rob, however, has no desire to be a single parent and would not honor my repeated requests for mercy.

So Abby and I are better and Rob is down. And now I have a mental image of the "Piper down! We have a piper down!" scene from "So, I married an axe murderer." Funny movie that.

Weeks like these make me ponder what true love really is. Is it the romance of those first few years when all of your spare time is spent together? Or seeing someone in tatty pajamas, unwashed hair, and broken glasses and still be able to say loving things with a straight face? Is romance sweet notes, flowers on your anniversary, chocolates on Valentine's day? Or is it ignoring the crankiness of the sick partner as you fetch them throat lozenges, cool drinks and pain pills. Oh sweet, lovely pain pills! I could write them an ode. Holding hands while watching a picturesque sunset? Or is it being single parent to the wild things and supplying their requests for food, fun and attention all by yourself. Even taking care of the bathing and the toothbrushing with no assistance?

Perhaps a little of the flowery parts and a lot of the other, less glamorous ones. Here's to Super Rob, who did all of those things and many more this week while I was down. He was brilliant. Can I say he's never looked more handsome than he did while holding the Advil and a nice tall glass of ice water?


Fairlie said...

Ha! What a great post. So true. True love is a little of the chocolates and soft music and a whole lot of the holding the hair back while your throw your guts up.

PS Oh! I'm first!

M said...

You can keep the chocolates and soft music. I'm all for the guy who fluffs up your pillow, brings in the painkillers and keeps the kids entertained.

Stomper Girl said...

This is an excellent post Melinda and I do agree with you, except for the bit where I am really bad at looking after a sick whining Fixit and grumpily resent every moment of it. But I guess that DOES mean I love him if I'm sticking around for him.

Glad you are feeling better, ear infections are the worst and no wonder they make small children scream and scream when they get one.

Sussanah said...

Now I'm singing, 'If you think I'm sexy...' Scottish Style

Precious Pink Pumps said...

laughing out both you lusting after your man with advil in hand and sussanah's comment in scottish accent. funny.

Anonymous said...

He's a good man. You should keep him.

How about a guy who fills your car with fuel when it is empty - even if it means going out at 7:30pm. Don't read that in man/lady love books.

(I love the 'great big head' scene)

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