Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Girl

got her ears pierced today, an early birthday present for the big 7 candle event that happens later in the month. She picked purple starter earrings and didn't cry at all. Much better than I did at the ripe old age of 35 when I got mine done last summer. She's such a girly girl! It disconcerts me most of the time. I'm more of a mix than she is. Keeping her out of the makeup, heels and gaudy jewelry is becoming a full time job. I have to do a face check every morning to make sure she didn't sneak into my makeup and slap on some lipstick while I was fixing breakfast.

Now that school is back in session, her dance lessons have resumed. Tonight, she insisted on having a Dance Off, boys vs. girls. Of course the boys bailed. Total scaredy cats!! I have to say neither of them have any sense of rhythm. So it was a wise move. The challenge then shifted to Mom vs. Abby. I pulled out all the stops. Vogue, Electric Slide, a really weak Running Man, and some mixed martial arts moves. Stomper Girl would have been (not) proud! I knew the thing was rigged anyway. Rob told me he was voting for Abby BEFORE the music even started. Cheaters.

I think we know who the REAL winner was. C'mon. ELECTRIC SLIDE.

Abby disagreed. She said: "Here Mom. Do you need this napkin.... to wipe off your FAILURE.


Stomper Girl said...

I am proud of you Melinda. xx

I absolutely love kitchen dancing with the chilllun. Top fun.

Stomper Girl said...

PS I've never heard of an Electric Slide so I just googled it. Can I say that it the worst name for a dance move? It doesn't look electric and there's no actual sliding. I thought you were maybe doing a Tom Cruise Risky Business type move, in your socks and jocks. (You might have won if you'd done that)

Aunty Evil said...

Looks like line dancing to me. Or the bus stop. Or something.


Abby gets my vote. Well I am sorry, but she does! I reckon she would have flexible moves you could only dream about, so without even seeing her dance, I vote for her.

Mary said...

And since Margot's ninth birthday is imminent I am wondering if she should get her ears pierced.

Or not.

Fairlie said...

Now i'm intrigued...I'm off to google electric slide.

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