Thursday, April 14, 2011

She Dements Me

I love her. But boy oh boy does she drive me crazy sometimes!

Quirky can be endearing. Unless one of your "quirks" is that you like to open board games and take out all the cards and spread them out on the floor. All of the cards from all of the board games. Monopoly, Candyland, Head Bandz, Memory. At the same time. Hundreds of little rectangles, all mixed together like a giant card melting pot: "Draw Four" snuggling up with "Go Directly To Jail." It only takes her about three minutes to create this chaos. The clean-up is much longer and involves me alternately cajoling and demanding and finally yelling a bit.

It dements me. It really, really dements me. It also makes me want to give our games away. Because no matter what punishment is doled out for this crime, the rate of re-offense is 100%.


Stomper Girl said...

That would drive me nuts too! Good luck with sorting out that one...

Aunty Evil said...

You know, in 20 years time, you will look back on this and I am smiling now.

I really like your daughter. :)

Mary said...

I may need to invent a verb that goes beyond "to dement" - because that would drive me bonkers!

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