Monday, March 7, 2011

The Doldrums

See how puffy my eyes are? Winter turned to Spring almost literally overnight. One day it was cold and the next it was balmy and the Bradford Pear trees, Dogwoods, Lorapetalum, Dandelions and other assorted blooming plants and weeds burst into full pollination! We are now stocked with allergy meds... but it seems like trudging through the normal cycle of homework, extracurricular activities, Spring Fling, birthday parties, etc. is all the more difficult through the haze of allergy-induced sneezes and sinus pain and pressure. Ugh.

It also means energy for blogging has been zapped. As always, so many posts running through my head--photos of early Spring blooms, the local theater playing The Diary of Anne Frank, dusting off of old projects--has been delayed. I'm just catching up with what all of YOU have been up to as well! Hopefully things will settle out and regularly scheduled programming will resume.


Stomper Girl said...

Urrgh, hayfever. You have my full sympathy.


Aunty Evil said...

You still look gorgeous, and that blue looks sensational on you!

Mary said...

It seems like I get hayfever year round now - well in spring and then again in autumn when the dust from the falling leaves gets to me.

Whatever - it is always good to see you no matter how puffy the eyes!

Fairlie said...

Nasal spray. Once a day.

I think it was Stomper Girl who coined the term "haypochondria". I definitely have that. I'm so scared of getting hayfever, I've used the nasal spray every day since spring, and we're now in autumn.

Anonymous said...

You don't look puffy you look gorgeous!

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