Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bieber Fever :-(

I sat through two hours of film featuring tweenager girls crying and hyperventilating over Justin Bieber. How much do I love her? TWO HOURS!!!

This is the Bieber shrine in her room.


Cell Block said...

This rant isn't about your post, because I know that you aren't like the people that I'm about to describe and I know that you really think that Abby's Bieber infatuation is cute. This just happens to be the most convenient place for me to unload. And besides....two words....Kirk Cameron. ;-)

Working in a school system I end up having to make small talk with various people. Several times I mention the kids and lately I've mentioned that Abby has "Bieber Fever" and I'm taken aback at the negative and often mean-spirited comments that teachers make...."I don't let my kids listen to HIM."..."My daughter wanted to go see that movie with that little twit and I told her NO!.". Do these people actually listen to themselves. Do they listen to what they are telling their daughters. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, wrong with a young girl being crazy about Justin Bieber. I'm not fond of his music, but then again my parents weren't fond of my music...heck, I'm not overly fond of most of what Melinda listens to. Kids go through phases. When I tell people that JT is obsessed with Batman they don't bat an eye...boys will be boys. But Abby loving Justin Bieber is like the breaking of the seventh seal. I'm tired of it. Besides, what I've read about the kid he seems to have a positive message...a heck of a lot more positive than Miley Cyrus. Granted, he may do a complete 180 as he gets older and tries to “redefine” his image, but by then Abby will be on to the next thing, but maybe some of that “positive” will stay with her. All I kow is that Abby's little eyes just light up when she listens to his music and she dances and sings along with the unabashed enthusiasm that only can be found in the very young. Being a Star Wars fan and collector I know what its like when you get that “look” of disapproval from people and I know how it can make you feel and I dare anyone to make my little girl feel that way.

Stomper Girl said...

I remember driving my parents nuts with Abba-mania and I'm sure a loving relative had to come along to the Abba Movie with us. Funny thing is, now my Mum (who really only likes classical music, with maybe a bit of folk and The Beatles thrown in) now quite likes Abba and has a best of CD that she plays voluntarily. So um, maybe you should watch out Melinda. In 20 years time you could be sneaking out the old Bieber cds....

Stomper Girl said...

PS I still play Abba voluntarily too!

Aunty Evil said...

I mean...ahem, he is slightly too young for me, and just as well, I look at him and see a nephew, not a heart throb.

I can see how Abby would think otherwise though.

And really, even if I wanted to speak my mind here...Rob has kind of killed the fun in it, you know? :)

Mary said...

I don't really mind who the kids listen to..Margot and Joe aren't into music yet and Will plays heavy metal. For me it will be a bit like Harry potter books..if it gets them reading then so be it...if Justin bieber has turned Abby on to the joy of music then excellent.

Where I fall very short as a parent would be the actual taking of a child of mine to see a movie such as the one you took Abby to.

You are a legend my girl.

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