Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Official

I'm an old person. What follows is a rant about "today's fashions". Much like my father, who complained about paying good money for jeans that looked like they were ready to be thrown out, I find some of the offerings on the store racks to be less than appealing. This is completely hypocritical of me, whose historical closet included stonewashed jeans, hightop reeboks, and jelly shoes, but remember, I'm OLD now and I get to complain about the younger generation and their nutty fashion choices.

The jegging, for example, is sure to be to 2010 what legwarmers were to 1985. Jeans, yes. Leggings, okay. Combining them? No.

The romper suit for grownups makes me think of dress up in reverse. Abby has a romper and looks quite adorable in it. On a twenty-something it looks weird. Particularly when it is a short romper.

The Beiber haircut. Barbershops/Hair salons the world over should be barred from allowing anyone old enough to shave to inflict this hairstyle on the rest of the world population. Perfect for the thirteen and under crowd. But goofy looking on say, Tom Brady (and there was a collective: "Who the heck is Tom Brady?".... he's the guy married to Gisele Bundchen).

The herd pocketbook. An animal print shoulderbag that is now yesterday's must-have. Lovely visual commentary on following the crowd there. Have a matching bag and you can hang out with my herd, ahem, group.

The rain boot. It hasn't rained here in weeks, yet rainboots are everywhere! Why would you wear them when it's not raining!! It dements me, as Mary would say. Not a puddle to be found and people strolling around in rubber boots. I keep staring at their feet thinking, your poor feet must be sooooooo hot!

I wonder if it has spawned an epidemic of athlete's foot?


Michelle said...

I am old too!! yes - I just don't get the "jeggings" either - why would you bother!!

rhubarbwhine said...

Oh I am so with you on the beiber haircut. It's atrocious!

Mary said...

Believe it or not I only saw my first pair of jeggings the other day..they looked ok on the super slim girl wearing them...on me they would look more ridiculous than can be possibly imagined..

Fairlie said...

I'm with you on the jeggings...but around here, they are a bit 'last year'. I can't believe we'd be ahead of American fashion!

I loved the rainboots when I saw them in New York in 2008, and wished I bought some to bring home. I'd actually have had lots of opportunity to wear them this year!

Aunty Evil said...

You clearly aren't as old as I am! I am that old that I am obviously caught up in my own fashion "sense"...I have never heard of jeggings, nor do I know what they look like!

M said...

I have a super skinny daughter and even she looks ridiculous in Jeggings. Heaven help someone with a little bit of meat on their bones.

In a horrifying moment I recently saw someone in Jeggings with a shirt tucked in. Had to avert my eyes.

Aunty Evil said...

OK, I just looked them up. I'm gonna go and buy myself a pair RIGHT NOW! I reckon my thunder thighs would look real nice in them...real nice.

Funnily enough, now that I know what they are, I do recall seeing a girl in a pair the other day and it registered "oh look, those tights look like jeans...oh look over there...chocolate!" And that was the extent of my experience with jeggings.

Melinda said...

Only the truly, truly thin can pull of the jegging Aunty. The problem is that 90% of the people who will purchase them are more on my end of the scale than the Twiggy end and it is NOT attractive. Halter tops and jeggings should not be made in certain sizes. The jegging can bear an unfortunate resemblance to a sausage casing otherwise.

Stomper Girl said...

Funny! The fashion thing making me feel old and cranky is 80's spectacles, you know the really big dorky ones like Hugh Grant wore in Four Weddings? Now, young hipsters are wearing them to be ironic or something and I HATE IT!!!!

Aunty Evil said...

Oh yeah, and the Brian Henderson glasses Stomper! (For Melinda, Brian Henderson was a 60's/70s newsreader here in Australia who wore huge horn rimmed glasses)

What IS that, I think fashion is regressing. Blah.

Melinda, you can have your blog back now...thanks. :)

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