Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Living on a dead end dirt road entitles one to up close encounters with native flora and fauna. In the past two weeks we have seen:

eighteen wild turkeys (pictured above... I have NEVER seen more than one, maybe two at one time)

one black snake

innumerable brown rabbits

two centipedes

a dozen frogs

one turtle

two tortoises

100 cow birds

dozens of house wrens

eight squirrels

fifteen wasps (think of these in the past tense as they are no longer nesting among the eaves of our house)

millions of ants

ten lizards

one armadillo


Stomper Girl said...

That's quite a list! I bet your kids just love seeing all that wildlife.

Mary said...

And I thought we lived somewhere close to nature!

Thank you too for your very beautiful comment over at my place


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see an armadillo one day.

Aunty Evil said...

Yes, I am jealous about the armadillo too...

Darth said...

Armadillos are scum and if you had them in your yard you would agree.

M said...

I bet those wild turkeys don't go strolling about in the open like that in November...

Fairlie said...

I stopped in frozen horror at "one black snake" and couldn't move past it. I'm sure the rest of the list was cute and cuddly, if only I could move from where I am now stuck.

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