Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We are planning a trip! First, we are travelling with J.T.'s class to the Georgia Aquarium, then we are going to take a respite here.

Spring Weather means warm weather AND cool weather clothes must be in the suitcases. We will be spending about 12 hours in the car round-trip, so DVD players, DS games, board games, books, etc., must be included. Snacks, drinks, hand-cleaner, paper towels... the list goes on. and on. and on. After all the careful planning, we will forget something essential like toothesbrushes or deodorant. Rob's dad once went off without any underwear in his suitcase. Talk about forgetting the essentials!

I also have to make a road trip CD from my itunes... which means every other song Rob will say, "What IS this?" There was a Leonard Cohen (composed Hallelujah) documentary on TV the other night, so the CD will have some of his work, as well as Black Eyed Peas, Ingrid Michaelson, Snow Patrol, The National, Smashing Pumpkins, and Sugarland. Something for everyone.


Mary said...

The music sounds awesome!

The road trip? Not so much.

Whenever we pack for a trip we comfort ourselves with the though that if we have forgotten something we can always buy it. (since it usually will be something trivial). Amazing how that helps!

Aunty Evil said...

Have a great trip!

Toothesbrushes? From Melinda the spelling and grammar queen?

As for leaving your underwear behind, MDH thinks that is the true meaning of a good undies, no shaving and (when he was single and could get away with it) no showering! Back to nature he calls it. I just call it disgusting.

Stomper Girl said...

I went on a craft retreat with 9 women and forgot my toiletries bag, and didn't realise until I was going to bed that I couldn't brush my teeth or take my drugs. I managed with a bit of toothpaste smeared with my finger but the funniest thing was the group of women in their 30s and 40s all saying eagerly "what drugs do you need? we might have them?!" Sadly none of them had aspirin or thyroid, but between the 10 of us we had bit of a chemist's shop. Ah, aging such fun.

Good luck on the driving part of the road trip. Are we there yet?

Anonymous said...

I love a road trip. Kids in the back, music in the front and little snacks in little containers. Hope you have a great time (and remember everyone's undies).

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