Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm on Top of It!

Even if "it" is starting to resemble a ball.
A big one.
One that is careening downhill.
Faster and faster and faster....

Today I am finishing up the charity gifts. Why are there always five missing... and those five belong to people who did not sign their names on the sheet and therefore cannot be called with a reminder that the gifts were due four days ago?

Tomorrow Miss Abby is having tubes put into her ears and her adenoids removed. She has made me "promise to visit everyday while she is in the nursing place" Don't worry, we should only be there for a few hours. Her great-grandmother is having some tube work of her own done at the same out patient facility at the same time! We've been joking that the 91 year old and the 5 year old could share a bed and we could get a discount. Which would be nice since they've already asked me for a check upfront to cover the out-of-pocket/deductible costs.

I am almost completely done with the shopping. Only Mr. "What the heck do you get the man who goes ahead and buys what he wants before you have the chance to get it for him" remains on my list. I have a few more things to wrap and then the gift stuff is done.

Christmas Cards you ask? I'm joining Fairlie's crusade to turn the Christmas card into a January thing.... I'm not nearly so stretched in January.

There is fudge to made, cookies to whip up and munchies to be mixed. But I'm on top of it. I may be one small slip up away from becoming road kill on the holiday highway, but I'm on top of it.

Fa la la la la, la la la la!


Aunty Evil said...

I'm a total mess.

I have 15 adults and 4 kids coming TOMORROW (not Christmas day, TOMORROW) for my family's Christmas lunch.

And I am doing the cooking. And MDH. What a guy, how lucky am I to have him!!

Anyway, on the up side, all my shopping is done, my presents are wrapped and the fudge is made. The cookies (biscuits) were made and went soft, so they will end up in the bin and not be replaced. Shame because they were going to be iced and made into the cutest little Christmas tree. Oh well, I might make it for January instead!

Next year, I will serve salad sandwiches.

Fairlie said...

Fudge? MMM-mmmm. Fudge. I'd abandon cards completely in favour of fudge.

I'm not quite on top of it yet...but I think I can see the summit a day or so's trek away.

Mary said...

I am so far away from being on top of it!


Stomper Girl said...

I'm not so much on top of it all, but I am in hot pursuit. Nearly all presents bought, cards done today, shortbread planned for tomorrow, I think I can I think I can.

Happy Christmas to you and yours mwah. Love you, and your blog Cx

Anonymous said...

I started the baking yesterday. I have fudge, cheesecake and pralines to make today. I have done NO CARDS this year, yet. I am on Fairlie's crusade as well. I al;so have NOT bought the man anything. I am still stuck for ideas.

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