Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rain, Rain

This was good for at least 30 minutes worth of fun. Note that Miss Abby now has Fifth's Disease (also known as Slapped Cheek/Human Parvo Virus). Rob is recovering from it. His hands swelled so much that he had to take his wedding ring off. Luckily, it seems to only affect children with the rash and mild fatigue.

We played a couple games of hyper dash. Spread the disks out, set the number of players and choose a level. You race around trying to put the controller down on the color/number/correct math answer/reverse, etc. depending on the level. Perfect rainy day game if you have a big indoor space in which to play. Luckily, we do.

Mommy's rainy day fun involved some light reading. I also am 3/4 of the way through the surprisingly addictive Twilight. Just finished Animal, Vegetable, Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver. I cleaned out the pantry after I finished. Amazing how many chemicals/junk we put into our bodies and those of our children. Made me feel like a horrible mother for ever allowing my children near a cheese puff or piece of processed chicken.


Fairlie said...

Twilight is indeed surprisingly addictive. I'm at the start of book three, and I'm having to reluctantly set it aside to read my book club choice.

rhubarbwhine said...

I have not succumbed to the twilight bug yet. It looks like I may have to.

rhubarbwhine said...

I have not succumbed to the twilight bug yet. It looks like I may have to.

imaginethatquilts said...

I hope you guys have good health for the next year- you've had a rough trot of late!

M said...

Twilight IS addictive. I didn't re-surface until I had read all four. Now I am behind in my bookclub reading.

Bikini said...

My sister got me hooked on Twilight. And then about 3 other vampire series. Ack.

(If you don't know who I am, I married a cousin of yours and now stalk you on Facebook! You can look at any of the pictures on my blog and probably figure out who I married)

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