Monday, December 29, 2008

Internet Germs?

You will remember that just a short time ago, the poor little fellows over at Stomper Girl's place were pink cheeked victim's of Fifth's Disease. More commonly known as "Slapped Cheek Syndrome." Guess who woke up with similar rosy cheeks on Sunday?

He has been slathered in creams and ointments until he doesn't look quite as elfish as he did this morning, but he is very embarrassed to "look funny."

Several months ago, Jennifer at Precious Pink Pumps had a sty. Weeks later, I had an itchy, painful bump develop on my inner eyelid. First time ever. Torture for a contact wearer who is just a few flips of the eye chart away from legally blind.

So... do you think electronic viruses are the only things spread via the magic of the interweb?


Stomper Girl said...

Creams and ointments? Sheesh, I barely did anything for my boys, except when Cherub's arms and legs got really inflamed and lumpy and scarlet then I tried a bit of sorbolene. I don't think it did much though.

Whatever you do Melinda, Do Not Catch it. The adult version is awful.

Anonymous said...

That is seriously freaky.

Could be a case for the piss-weak X-files. The bureau where they investigate those more pedestrian mysteries.

M said...

I'm thinking Twilight Zone. Freaky. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh, cue the 'doo doo doo doo' twighlight zone music.
Then, do NOT pass it here. Thanks anyway.
(Hope all is well soon!)

Aunty Evil said...




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